Sunday, January 2, 2011

I420 Worlds - Still howling after 3 days

"The Doctor" was in, the carnage widespread, and replacement masts are in very short supply.  And through it all the young Team USA held strong.

Megan & Caroline blasting up the starboard layline

The Rio de la Plata was really boiling again today - so much for the light air forecast - with the toughest conditions yet... 20-25 knot winds, 6 foot steep seas and the current ripping against the wind.

Claud and Amanda ready to round the top mark
For the 3rd day of racing, at least a half-dozen masts were history, and few mainsails and kites blown to bits. Some masts broke after being stuck in the mud, others snapped off at the bottom of a steep wave, and others on a screaming reach.

Reinier & Spencer powering upwind

Megan/Caroline had their best day of their regatta with an 8th place finish in race 6 - the windiest of the 3 races today. Reinier/Spencer and the Taselaar sisters also held tough in the extreme conditions. And no breakdowns for Team USA!

With such strong afternoon sea breezes, the RC has moved the starts 1 hour earlier to take advantage of the slightly lighter air - the breeze tends to be 10-12 around noon, and doesn't get cranking until around 3.

Provisional Results

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