Thursday, January 6, 2011

I420 Worlds - Final Report

After 6 days of racing, 3 days of training, a lay day, and no broken Team USA masts (there, I can say it now without jinxing anything), the 2011 420 Worlds are over. 

Team USA/LISOT had a blast and learned an incredible amount. And all the sailors realized just how much experience they've gained for their next worlds (yes, they're all psyched for Austria in the summer of 2012), the new friends they've made and the fun they had as a team.

It was a young team, and for 5 of the 6 sailors, their first 420 Worlds.

(l. to r. - Claudia, Reinier, Megan, Caroline, Spencer, Amanda, Coach Dave)

Claudia/Amanda finished 27th, Megan/Caroline 29th and Reinier/Spencer were 45th.  Final results

Team USA coach Dave Hughes did an outstanding job. The sailors really got both a regatta and a clinic at the same time (usually it's nearly impossible for coaches to work on much in the way of boat handling and technique during a major regatta). But the conditions and the timing worked well and Dave knew just how to work with the 3 teams.

ARG won the Men/Open division, and GBR won the ladies championship. GBR won the team award.

The prize giving party was typical 420 fun - with the 4 Team USA girls getting back from the post awards party in the wee hours of the morning. Reinier and Spencer caught a flight right after racing ended and were probably back in school by the time the girls got back to the hotel!

So that about wraps it up from here in BA.  Still sunny. Still 90-95. But not so windy.

There are lots of pictures and event blogs:

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