Monday, January 3, 2011

I420 Worlds - Day 4 update

Let's play 420 Worlds Jeopardy.

We'll take equipment for $1000, Alex.

The Jeopardy answer is: 32

And the question.....
Contestant #1: What was today's top windspeed? (buzzz - wrong - it was only 20-25 knots).
Contestant #2: How many boats didn't finish the last race today? (buzzz - wrong - it was only about 15)
Contestant #3:  How many masts have broken since the regatta started. (ding, ding, correct)!

Yup - about 1/3 of the fleet has broken a mast (actually some boats have broken 2, so 1/3 is just an average).

And through it all, Team USA/LISOT had another fun day as the 20+ knot southeasterly just kept blowing.

Tight reach finishes are not for the faint of heart.
(yes, that's Caroline on the wire. And yes, they finished without incident. Just barely.)
Congrats to the Megan/Caroline who blew out their first spinnaker. And what a job they did... on a screaming reach to the finish of race 2. Shredded side-to-side across the foot. Of course, when the chute blew, it resulted in an flying capsize.

To their credit, they got the boat righted quickly and only lost 10 boats on that "maneuver"... Steve - glad you practiced for those situation :-). They crossed the finish line in 28th with the spinnaker streaming in bits and pieces behind the boat from the top of the mast. Claud and Amanda were just ahead of them, looking back and wondering "who on earth was sailing around the race course with their chute trailing behind like a flag?. Oh, wait. that's Meg/Caroline! Well, at least their mast is upright and straight!"

Reinier/Spencer had a slight altercation with the Italian starbord tacker. "Cross or tack", in 20 knots, in different languages didn't go so well. Reinier bore off so hard on port that spencer literally wiped out the Italian's leward shroud and down came their mast. Not unexpectedly, our guys lost that one in the room. But didn't loose their rig.

And as Warner Wolf used to say on TV... "nobody got hurt."

Claudia & Amanda smooth and cruising on the top reach.

Claudia and Amanda are sailing steady as she goes - and are in 23th place in the ladies fleet.

It was also a good karma day. The NZL girls snapped a mast yesterday and tore their mainsail in the process. Since it was at the loft getting repaired, we loaned them one of our back up mains and got the Kiwi girls out sailing today. Masts were so scarce that they had to take a bent one last night and straighten it.

Tonight the team had dinner with Panic - and the fun and laughter went on for quite a while.

Forecast for tomorrow.... just like today. Panic says this is very unusual wind... 'it's never really like this"... sure... that's what they always say ;-)

Some great pictures from yesterday by the Yacht Club Argentino (Capizzano left for the 29er worlds)

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