Monday, January 24, 2011

Team LISOT Takes Gold at the Opti Team Race Midwinters Championship

Team LISOT Black Wins 2011 Opti Team Race Midwinters Championship

After three days of intense competition, involving 19 teams from all over the United States, Team LISOT "Black" (consisting of Jack Parkin, Will Logue, Drew Gallagher and Ty Ingram) emerged the winner of the 2011 Team Race Midwinters Championship.

The team won all races except one and never gave up it's lead position.

Conditions at the event, hosted this year by the US Sailing Center at Jensen Beach FL, ranged from light to moderate shifty breeze with light chop in earlier rounds of competition sustained heavy wind with gusts and moderate chop during the final day or races. The Race Committee did a great job in getting all the rounds in all the different conditions.

All three LISOT teams competing in the event, qualified for the Gold Division. Team LISOT "Blue" represented by Sean Walsh, Matt Kaplan, Audrey Giblin and Russell Clarida) finished 4th overall, coming close to tying for second. Team LISOT "Red" (consisting of Matt Logue, Cooper Yeager, Richie Gordon and Florian Eenkema van Dijk), proved to be formidable competition in Round 3 and finished in 9th place overall.

Congratulations to Coach Pepe, just back from 29er Worlds, for leading the three LISOT teams to such great success.

As champions, Team LISOT Black and second place LYC 1 received the invitation of the USODA to represent the US this coming May, in the 25th annual Marco Rizzotti European Team Race Championship in Venice, Italy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LISOT's Near Sweep in I420s at Youth World Qualifier

Congratulations to Reinier EVD/Spencer McDonough on taking the Gold and becoming the Team USA boat in the men's 420 class at the 2011 Youth Worlds in Croatia this July.  It was an all-LISOT podium with Graham Landy/Colin Murphy taking the Silver, and Markus Edegran/Nick Gallagher the Bronze in I420 mens fleet.

(I420 Men's winners - l. to r. Colin, Graham, Spencer, Reinier, Markus, Nick)
In the women's I420 LISOT took home both the Silver (Olivia Crane/Fiona Walsh) and Bronze (Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick/Samantha Robinson). And Andrew and Matthew Mollerus took the Bronze Medal in the 29er.

(I420 Women winners -  l to r: Fiona, Olivia, Morgan, Christina, Samantha, Megan)
The 3 day, 10-race regatta was hosted by Houston YC over MLK weekend and saw mainly light to moderate conditions with fairly constant wind on the first two days, and more shifts on the final day. The I420 men and women sailed together in the same fleet even though the top boat from each qualifies to attend the Youth Worlds.

Reinier and Spencer, just back from the I420 Worlds in Argentina, were on fire from the first race, taking 3 bullets and throwing out a 6. Graham Landy/Colin Murphy fought hard and came on strong with bullets in the last two races.

(29er winners -  r to l, Andrew & Matthew Mollerus) 
In the women's I420 Olivia/Fiona faced off with Morgan Kiss/Christina Lewis for the top spot with Morgan taking the Gold. Olivia/Fiona took the silver and Megan/Samantha, also just back from the Worlds, took the Bronze.

Steve Keen had his hands full coaching Team LISOT, whch represented a full 70% of the I420 fleet!

In the 29er Andrew and Matthew Mollerus took the Bronze medal , coached by Macros Llamas, and were the only east coast boat in that fleet.

Ryan Schmitz was the lone LISOT sailor in the radial and was doing well until he broke a mast half-way thru Day 2, which results in a DNF and DNS. With a BFD in race 10, he finished 18th.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I420 Worlds - Final Report

After 6 days of racing, 3 days of training, a lay day, and no broken Team USA masts (there, I can say it now without jinxing anything), the 2011 420 Worlds are over. 

Team USA/LISOT had a blast and learned an incredible amount. And all the sailors realized just how much experience they've gained for their next worlds (yes, they're all psyched for Austria in the summer of 2012), the new friends they've made and the fun they had as a team.

It was a young team, and for 5 of the 6 sailors, their first 420 Worlds.

(l. to r. - Claudia, Reinier, Megan, Caroline, Spencer, Amanda, Coach Dave)

Claudia/Amanda finished 27th, Megan/Caroline 29th and Reinier/Spencer were 45th.  Final results

Team USA coach Dave Hughes did an outstanding job. The sailors really got both a regatta and a clinic at the same time (usually it's nearly impossible for coaches to work on much in the way of boat handling and technique during a major regatta). But the conditions and the timing worked well and Dave knew just how to work with the 3 teams.

ARG won the Men/Open division, and GBR won the ladies championship. GBR won the team award.

The prize giving party was typical 420 fun - with the 4 Team USA girls getting back from the post awards party in the wee hours of the morning. Reinier and Spencer caught a flight right after racing ended and were probably back in school by the time the girls got back to the hotel!

So that about wraps it up from here in BA.  Still sunny. Still 90-95. But not so windy.

There are lots of pictures and event blogs:

Monday, January 3, 2011

I420 Worlds - Day 4 update

Let's play 420 Worlds Jeopardy.

We'll take equipment for $1000, Alex.

The Jeopardy answer is: 32

And the question.....
Contestant #1: What was today's top windspeed? (buzzz - wrong - it was only 20-25 knots).
Contestant #2: How many boats didn't finish the last race today? (buzzz - wrong - it was only about 15)
Contestant #3:  How many masts have broken since the regatta started. (ding, ding, correct)!

Yup - about 1/3 of the fleet has broken a mast (actually some boats have broken 2, so 1/3 is just an average).

And through it all, Team USA/LISOT had another fun day as the 20+ knot southeasterly just kept blowing.

Tight reach finishes are not for the faint of heart.
(yes, that's Caroline on the wire. And yes, they finished without incident. Just barely.)
Congrats to the Megan/Caroline who blew out their first spinnaker. And what a job they did... on a screaming reach to the finish of race 2. Shredded side-to-side across the foot. Of course, when the chute blew, it resulted in an flying capsize.

To their credit, they got the boat righted quickly and only lost 10 boats on that "maneuver"... Steve - glad you practiced for those situation :-). They crossed the finish line in 28th with the spinnaker streaming in bits and pieces behind the boat from the top of the mast. Claud and Amanda were just ahead of them, looking back and wondering "who on earth was sailing around the race course with their chute trailing behind like a flag?. Oh, wait. that's Meg/Caroline! Well, at least their mast is upright and straight!"

Reinier/Spencer had a slight altercation with the Italian starbord tacker. "Cross or tack", in 20 knots, in different languages didn't go so well. Reinier bore off so hard on port that spencer literally wiped out the Italian's leward shroud and down came their mast. Not unexpectedly, our guys lost that one in the room. But didn't loose their rig.

And as Warner Wolf used to say on TV... "nobody got hurt."

Claudia & Amanda smooth and cruising on the top reach.

Claudia and Amanda are sailing steady as she goes - and are in 23th place in the ladies fleet.

It was also a good karma day. The NZL girls snapped a mast yesterday and tore their mainsail in the process. Since it was at the loft getting repaired, we loaned them one of our back up mains and got the Kiwi girls out sailing today. Masts were so scarce that they had to take a bent one last night and straighten it.

Tonight the team had dinner with Panic - and the fun and laughter went on for quite a while.

Forecast for tomorrow.... just like today. Panic says this is very unusual wind... 'it's never really like this"... sure... that's what they always say ;-)

Some great pictures from yesterday by the Yacht Club Argentino (Capizzano left for the 29er worlds)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I420 Worlds - Still howling after 3 days

"The Doctor" was in, the carnage widespread, and replacement masts are in very short supply.  And through it all the young Team USA held strong.

Megan & Caroline blasting up the starboard layline

The Rio de la Plata was really boiling again today - so much for the light air forecast - with the toughest conditions yet... 20-25 knot winds, 6 foot steep seas and the current ripping against the wind.

Claud and Amanda ready to round the top mark
For the 3rd day of racing, at least a half-dozen masts were history, and few mainsails and kites blown to bits. Some masts broke after being stuck in the mud, others snapped off at the bottom of a steep wave, and others on a screaming reach.

Reinier & Spencer powering upwind

Megan/Caroline had their best day of their regatta with an 8th place finish in race 6 - the windiest of the 3 races today. Reinier/Spencer and the Taselaar sisters also held tough in the extreme conditions. And no breakdowns for Team USA!

With such strong afternoon sea breezes, the RC has moved the starts 1 hour earlier to take advantage of the slightly lighter air - the breeze tends to be 10-12 around noon, and doesn't get cranking until around 3.

Provisional Results

YCA Website

Worlds 420 Facebook page

2010 LISOT Opti Orange Bowl - A Family Affair

Sailors and parents attending the 2010 annual Orange Bowl, hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club, were geared more for the NE winter then the typical warm Southern Florida climate. OB 2010 started off cold – (record low of 39 degrees!) and windy. As the cold front that dumped snow from NE down to Nashville, TN, conditions on the Biscayne Bay turned warm and light with postponements that allowed kids to provide caroling entertainment for the spectators!. We heard reports from Miami from sightseers that there was breeze on South Beach but locals we spoke with are convinced that Biscayne Bay can have its’ own micro climate.

218 Optis sailed in the competitive Championship Fleet, and 49 in Green Fleet. LISOT Opti’s accounted for 33 of the entrants split between Championship and Green Fleet. Coaches Pepe, Panic and Amanda covered the Championship Fleet and Coach Maarten the Green Fleet.

Congratulations to this year’s winner Sean Brennan who sailed a very consistent series with no finish out of the top 10. LISOT had a very strong showing with 3 in the top 10 and 11 in the top 25 finishers.

Ty Ingram sailed a very strong regatta and was the top LISOT boat, finishing 4th overall and 3rd US sailor (with 1 bullet). Jack Parkin and Will Logue rounded out the top ten 5th and 7th.
Audrey Giblin was 2nd top girl and 11th overall. Alex DelBello was 5th top girl and 24th overall
In the Green Fleet Cameron Giblin was the top LISOTer in 7th place overall.

Conditions on the first day of the regatta were more like Long Island Sound in October with overnight temperatures in the low 40’s and gusty winds 15-20 knots.

Dry suits were in strong demand and several of our team dug them out of their bags, others layered up and donned their new LISOT wool ear flap caps {thank you Tory Cane – more about this in another e mail}. Temperatures made it up into the mid 50’s but close to 40 sailors retired due to the cold and windy conditions.

As the cold front went through the temperatures warmed and the wind died. The first 2 days saw 3 races a day, the 3rd with 1 race and racing was cancelled with no wind on the last day. Overall 7 races were sailed over 2 divisions resulting in 1 drop.

Almost 100 people including sailors, parents and siblings attended out team dinner, a testament that Orange Bowl has become a family affair with LISOT. Several families had children in 2-3 different fleets and boats participating.

  • Crane Family – Willie in Championship Fleet, Ian in Lasers and Olivia in I420’s Clarida - Russell in Championship Fleet and Mathew in Lasers
  • Delbello Family - Gabby –Green Fleet, Alex Championship Fleet and Daniel in Lasers
  • EVD Family - Flo in Championship Fleet and Coach Maarten
  • Kratzman Family - Sloane Championship Fleet and Reid in Lasers
  • Gerli Family – Patricia in Green Fleet, Meg in Championship Fleet and Jack in 420’s
  • Giblin Family – Cameron in Green Fleet and Audrey in Championship Fleet
  • Gordon Family – Neilson in Green Fleet, Richie in Championship Fleet and Isabelle in Lasers
  • Hughes Family - Haddon and Parker in Championship Fleet
  • Johnson Family – Clayton in Championship Fleet and Madeline in Lasers
  • Logue Family - Will and Matt in Championship Fleet
  • LeClue Family – Garrick in Green Fleet, Charlotte in Championship Fleet and Josh in Lasers
  • Walsh Family - Sean in Championship Fleet and Fiona in I420’s
  • Ullmann Family – Rhett in Championship Fleet and Hailey in 420’s.

Congratulations to all the 33 LISOT Opti sailors who spent a warmer holiday on Biscayne Bay than skiing in Vermont or digging out of the holiday blizzard up in the Northeast! Sincere thanks to Coral Reef Yacht Club, Race Committee and all the volunteers – especially those helping our kids and parents “splash” and retrieve boats!

Ty Ingram 4th
Jack Parkin 5th
Will Logue 7th
Audrey Giblin 11th
Drew Gallagher 15th
Clayton Johnson 16th
Russell Clarida 18th
Jared Gaynes 19th
Matt Kaplan 22nd
Alex Delbello 24th
Vladimir Estoup 25th
Adele Whitmyer 26th
Augie Dale 35th
Haddon Hughes 40th
Sean Walsh 48th
Parker Hughes 62nd
Florian EVD 68th
Micheal Munger 70th
Matt Logue 77th
Henry Fernberger 82nd
Richie Gordon 112th
Meg Gerli 115th
Charlotte LeClue 126th
Sloane Kratzman 188th
Kate Koppel 190th
Willie Crane 212nd

Green Fleet
Cameron Giblin 7th
Patricia Gerli 15th
Hayden Earl 26th
Gabby DelBello 29th
Garrick LeClue 36th
Nielson Gordon 37th