Thursday, December 30, 2010 one

Have not seen full results yet (nor been able to watch tracking) but the best US performance of the day was by Christopher W, who spent much of the day looking back at competitors. Christopher had two top 10s and a 15 (or so) in three races with typical conditions: light air, shifty, and current (strongest on right side of the course, especially adverse in R1). 3 relatively short races: R1: 8-11kn (35 mins), R2: 6-10 kn with left shift, R3: 2-12kn, with the first flight getting the 12kn beat in a rainstorm. R2c and R3c were both shortened to end at the gate, which denied Wade W especially an opportunity to claw back on a second beat. Harry had a difficult day, including an ocs...

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