Saturday, October 30, 2010

Opti Team Racing in Berlin - Report on Prep & Day 1

After a break in 2009, LISOT is once again representing the USA at the BMW Opti Team Cup Team Race this weekend at the Potsdamer YC on Lake Wannsee in Berlin, Germany.

This years' team is Alexandra DelBello, Drew Gallagher, Ty Ingram, Will Logue, and Jack Parkin, together with LISOT Head Coach Pepe Bettini.

The team flew over on Thursday night, arrived in Germany on Friday morning, and were on the water for practice by 11:30.

Pepe's initial report for Friday included:
We are all here and everything is going great!
Is not cold at all!, or at least is not what as we were expecting!
The hotel is nice! And the breakfast even better.
The club is really nice and everybody looks happy.

Today we went to the water around 1130 and after 10 minutes of warming and testing the boats we start team racing against everybody! The wind is great! We started the day with 8 and finished with 10 and gust of 12, shifty conditions and flat water!

We are ready for tomorrow but really tired! Kids sleeping already 845 we had dinner at the club, nice food! At 820 we were back at the hotel and 5 minutes after that some of the team members were out!

Pepe's reports after Saturday included:

Stage 1 Round Robin:
We just finished our 7 first races, we won all of them GER, DEN, POL, RUS, NOR, GER, SWE!

All the teams were really good, and we are getting slowly into our game!

Stage 2 Round Robin:
We won the 4 races against GRB,GER, NED, UKR. This stage was very difficult. Although we won all 4 races, for 3 of the them it was only at the very end that we took the lead.

Stage 3 Round Robin:
The wind dropped down and it's now 4:30 pm. We sailed only one race at this stage and we won it against FIN. The sailors are doing great! They were winning by a lot, but after some problems on the downwind, they were losing on the last upwind and then they just went on fire at the last leg, and won with a 1238 combo.

The regatta is incredible!! The other teams are really good. The level of team racing in Europe is amazing. And the juries are also really good - I saw a lot of extremely good calls!

We are allowed to follow the race from just 50 meters away. That helps us a lot to work together because I am able to see everything! We are learning a lot because of that!

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