Friday, July 23, 2010

LISOT Has Strong Results at C420 North Americans

The 2010 C420 North Americans wrapped up today at Brant Beach YC after 14 solid races over 4 days. LISOT had a strong showing.

Our sailors and the RC did a fine job with a full suite of conditions. Day 1 saw a light and shifty Northerly with 3 races. The RC ran an intense Day 2, running 5 races yet having the fleet shore by 5pm!. Day 3 was one for the record books - a 4-race day in a beautiful 20-25 knot westerly (with a 3 hour lunch break*), and final day had a perfect 10-15 knot SW sea breeze for the final 2 races of the series.

LISOT Results (out of 109):
1. Pearson Potts
2. Graham Landy/Colin Murphy (LISOT)
3. Connor Brady (last year LISOT)
5. Markus Edegran/Nick Gallagher (LISOT)
11. Ian Robinson/Emily Johnson (LISOT)
13. Melany Johnson/MacKenzie Needham (LISOT)
15. Lily Katz/Spencer McDonough (LISOT)
16. Alex Jacob/Ben Buhl (LISOT)
23. Elliott Morrill/Caroline Atwood (LISOT)
29. Taylor Scheuermann/Jackson Fadely (LISOT)
42. Claudia Taselaar/Julie Rew (LISOT)
43. Brendan O'Leary/Jack Schneider (LISOT)
44. Jack Gerli/Sarah Graves (LISOT)
50. Roger Dorr/Matt Lyons (LISOT)
55. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick/Fiona Walsh (LISOT)
56. Abigail Rohman/Tierney Driscoll (LISOT)
65. Emily Merry/Solange Adamson (LIOST)
68. Tom Gallagher/John Gallagher (LISOT)
106. Hailey Ullmann/Bridgette Croake (LISOT)
109. India Johnstone/Katie Kelley (LISOT) - withdrew due to injury

Click here for complete results.

Thanks to LISOT coaches Dave Hughes, Skip White, Udi Gal and Erik Storck.

* On Day 3, with a 20-25 Westerly, an approaching full moon and ebb tide, the RC had to abandoned Race 3 when coaches reported boats running aground on the beat. It turns out the West wind literally blew the water out of the bay.

Kudos to the RC, which did a great job by bringing the boats ashore and provided 30+ pizzas for the sailors while waiting a few hours for the tide to come back in. At 15:30 the fleet headed back out and completed 2 more races in what had become a nice 10-15 knot westerly.

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