Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 LISOT Sailors Compete at 2010 Laser Radial Worlds in Scotland

Congratulations to the seven LISOT Laser Radial sailors who return this week from a very successful experience at the 2010 Laser Radial Youth Worlds in Largs, Scotland.

LISOT extends its warmest congratulations to US sailors Erika Reineke, the overall girls’ World Champion! And to Mitchell Kiss, who won the boys under-17 division and took 5th place overall.

Adapting to Scotland’s variable weather and breeze conditions (e.g., the Scottish summer feels like our winter), the sailors donned wetsuits and plenty of cold weather gear to compete with 317 sailors hailing from 42 countries and six continents. Every sailor came away with personal successes and a new appreciation for the rigors of international competition.

Results for LISOT’s sailors:

Boys Gold Fleet: Matthew Molllerus 50th

Boys Silver Fleet: Connor Needham 27th, Stefan Kuehn 30th, Ryan Schmitz 61st

Boys Bronze Fleet: Andrew Puopolo 44th, Colin Kennedy 55th

Girls Silver Fleet: Sarah Stubbs 12th

Full results at

Monday, July 26, 2010

17 of 24 LISOT Sailors sail in the Gold Fleet at USODA Fleet Racing Nationals, Harry Koeppel 3rd, Jared Gaynes 8th overall, Alex DelBello 3rd girl!

Imagine, 56 cases of water, 24 cases of Gatorade, 20 boxes of ice pops, 1152 lbs of ice, and a new LISOT tent… after 9 days USODA Nationals at Fishing Bay Yacht Club is over!

LISOT Team communications were seriously curtailed during the week as many had either no service or very spotty service. As Head Coach Pepe said, “Ah, its ok, its Relaxy Taxi, no worries, we have no distractions to the racing!” Many of parents truly had a week away from the office!

After good breeze during the Nationals Team Racing Regatta, light air set in for the fleet racing. Every day the land breeze would welcome us to the venue only to be slowly replaced by the prevailing summer sea breeze. This counter prevailing breeze change over frustrated some of the racing and created some shifty conditions for the sailors.

The racing format was set up that after the first two days of racing, the fleet would be split up into Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pearle fleets. The Race Committee got in three races the first day but the sea breeze failed to fill in on the second day and the fleet was split after only 3 races.

PRO Ron Hopkins, a veteran of large USODA regattas, did a nice job of getting in 5 races over the next day in a shifty land breeze with the pre split fleet position counting as a 6th race. This enabled a “drop” for overall results.

Final Fleet Results

Gold Fleet

Harry Koeppel (3rd)

Jared Gaynes (8th)

Sean Walsh (14th)

Alex DelBello (15th) 3rd Girl

Ty Ingram (18th)

Jack Parkin (20th)

Augie Dale (28th)

Reinier EVD (29th)

Will Logue (34th)

Kate Van Louvern (41st)

Drew Gallagher (42nd)

Henry Chapman (43rd)

Mathew Kaplan (47th)

Henry Fernberger (60th)

Richie Gordon (62nd)

Russell Clarida (65th)

Florian EVD (68th)

Silver Fleet

James Westerberg (18th)

Cooper Yeager (40th)

Meg Gerli (54th)

Bronze Fleet

Matt Logue (4th)

Charlotte LeClue (41st)

Pearl Fleet

Kristin Picard (30th)

Willie Crane (37th)

Team Trials Qualified

Congratulations to the 20 out of 22 LISOT sailors at Nationals who qualified for 2011 USODA Team Trails in San Francisco!


The Team did great in some trying (extreme heat and shifty light air) conditions. We extend big congratulations to the following 3 sailors: Harry Koeppel and Jared Gaynes for their top 10 finishes and Alex DelBello for being the 3rd overall girl. Thank you to Head Coach Pepe Bettini, his coaching crew of Todd Fedyszyn along with David DeBoltz and all the supporting volunteers and parents that MAKE this happen producing outstanding results for our sailors.

LISOT would like to thank the Deltaville organizers and volunteers for making the USODA Nationals a success! The venue was well organized and everyone had a smile even when the temperature hit 112 degrees.

Friday, July 23, 2010

LISOT Has Strong Results at C420 North Americans

The 2010 C420 North Americans wrapped up today at Brant Beach YC after 14 solid races over 4 days. LISOT had a strong showing.

Our sailors and the RC did a fine job with a full suite of conditions. Day 1 saw a light and shifty Northerly with 3 races. The RC ran an intense Day 2, running 5 races yet having the fleet shore by 5pm!. Day 3 was one for the record books - a 4-race day in a beautiful 20-25 knot westerly (with a 3 hour lunch break*), and final day had a perfect 10-15 knot SW sea breeze for the final 2 races of the series.

LISOT Results (out of 109):
1. Pearson Potts
2. Graham Landy/Colin Murphy (LISOT)
3. Connor Brady (last year LISOT)
5. Markus Edegran/Nick Gallagher (LISOT)
11. Ian Robinson/Emily Johnson (LISOT)
13. Melany Johnson/MacKenzie Needham (LISOT)
15. Lily Katz/Spencer McDonough (LISOT)
16. Alex Jacob/Ben Buhl (LISOT)
23. Elliott Morrill/Caroline Atwood (LISOT)
29. Taylor Scheuermann/Jackson Fadely (LISOT)
42. Claudia Taselaar/Julie Rew (LISOT)
43. Brendan O'Leary/Jack Schneider (LISOT)
44. Jack Gerli/Sarah Graves (LISOT)
50. Roger Dorr/Matt Lyons (LISOT)
55. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick/Fiona Walsh (LISOT)
56. Abigail Rohman/Tierney Driscoll (LISOT)
65. Emily Merry/Solange Adamson (LIOST)
68. Tom Gallagher/John Gallagher (LISOT)
106. Hailey Ullmann/Bridgette Croake (LISOT)
109. India Johnstone/Katie Kelley (LISOT) - withdrew due to injury

Click here for complete results.

Thanks to LISOT coaches Dave Hughes, Skip White, Udi Gal and Erik Storck.

* On Day 3, with a 20-25 Westerly, an approaching full moon and ebb tide, the RC had to abandoned Race 3 when coaches reported boats running aground on the beat. It turns out the West wind literally blew the water out of the bay.

Kudos to the RC, which did a great job by bringing the boats ashore and provided 30+ pizzas for the sailors while waiting a few hours for the tide to come back in. At 15:30 the fleet headed back out and completed 2 more races in what had become a nice 10-15 knot westerly.

Monday, July 19, 2010

LISOT On The Podium at USODA Team Race Nationals

Congrats to LISOT Blue for taking 2nd place in the Gold Division at the 2010 USODA Team Race Nationals. Pictured above, left to right, Coach Pepe, Ty Ingram, Alexandra DelBello, Drew Gallagher, Harry Koeppel and Reinier Eenkema van Dijk.

And LISOT Red who won the Silver Division (l to r. Coach Pepe, Henry Fernberger, Travis Bobley, Florian Eenkema van Dijk, Matt Logue (with USODA President, Robin Kuebel) and Russell Clarida (not pictured).

Full write up on the regatta blog at:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Opti Europeans - Final Report

Congratulations to LISOT's Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick (Noroton YC) and Drew Gallagher (Larchmont YC) who finshed 10th and 18th respectively at the highly competitive IODA Europeans in Kamien Pomorski, Poland.

(Photo: Megan 2nd from left)

The regatta, with 146 boys and 101 girls from 41 countries, was a 7 race series over 3 days of sailing, with 3 days of no wind. Team USA included Megan, Drew, India Johnstone and William Marshall (both from FAST in Newport).

LISOT Coach Panic Panichelli was the Team USA coach and did a great job in the varied and incredibly shifty wind conditions. Of the 3 days of racing, 2 were in moderate air, 1 in very light air. Of course, it blew 20 on the practice day.

For Megan and India it was their final regatta as Opti sailors -- Megan 'retired' in style with a bullet in her last race. Both girls are moving into the 420.

(Photo above l to r: Team USA's Drew Gallagher, Team ARG Vladi Estoup,
and Team USA's India Johnstone & Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick)

LISOT's Janet Grapengeter was the Team USA team leader and country rep, as well as spending considerable time with the IODA measurement team.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update from Opti Europeans in Poland

LISOTers Drew Gallagher and Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick are on the 4-person Team USA at the IODA Europeans in Kamien Pomoroski, Poland (in the very northwest corner or the country, and a few miles east of the German boarder). They are being coached by Team USA Coach Panic.

The other two Team USA members are FAST's India Johnstone and Will Marshall. And Vladi Estoup, as the lone team member from Argentina, is also being coached by Panic. Vladi sailed with LISOT at Orange Bowl, so he's an honorary member of Team USA.

Megan, Drew and Vladi arrived in Europe on June 26 and spent the weekend touring Berlin with Janet, Michele, Panic and Vladi's dad, Alejandro. They all drove at the venue - a 3 hour drive from Berlin - for training with Panic beginning on Tuesday, June 29.

The practice race and opening ceremonies were on Saturday, July 3rd, and racing began on Sunday, July 4th with two races in very light air - mostly 5-7 knots.

Unfortunately, the first two days felt more like Long Island Sound than the Baltic, and there was no racing on Day 2 due to no wind.

Day three finally saw some real wind: 15-20 in the morning dying down to 10 by 5pm. The RC got in 3 fantastic races - with superb race courses, all with GPS tracking. The conditions are extremely shifty and the competition very stiff.

Day four saw modest wind in the morning, with a 1 hour earlier start to attempt another 3 race day. The sailors were very aggressive, resulting in many general recalls and black flags. With all time that the starts took, and a breeze that started dying around 2pm, the RC stopped racing at 4pm with two races completed for the day - 7 for the series.

Megan had a good day with a 10th in race 6 and then a bullet in race 7. She is essentially tied for 8th, just 12 points out of 2nd.

Drew had two strong races and moved way up from 39th to 18th.

Current results after 7 races (1 throw out).

Girls Results (101 total sailors):
10 - Megan
53 - India

Boys Results (146 total sailors):
18 - Drew
47 - Vladi
92 - Will

This is the only IODA regatta in which boys and girls sail in separate fleets. Europeans countries get 7 slots, and non-European counties only 4, hence the very diverse 41 countries from New Zealand to Estonia, Japan to Russia, Brazil to Israel.

The "yacht club" is really a temporary village set up on the banks of the lake. But they built a full stage, 2 jumbotrons to watch the racing, and every boat has a GPS for live tracking during the racing.

I'll upload some video to you tube - the open ceremony entertainment was great, with some pretty wild entertainment (singing, dancers, etc.).

The venue has a very high tech set up for such a low-tech 1000 year old town. There are 6 big screen TV's to watch the live GPS tracking as well as live video of the start, mark roundings and the finish, from the race course.

Sunday at breakfast everyone wanted to use Janet's iPad tocheck the final scores from the North Americans. There was almost as much buzz as when Germany beat Argentina at the world cup (Panic was not happy).

A few parents borrowed a really old 18 foot sailboat, "Fudi" to go watch the races, and we've actually been sailing it every single day! This could be the most actual sailing I've done in years!

Some pictures on the Team USA Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=122157424493678

I'll upload more pix when I get a chance (the hotel wireless is slow because every single kid - no matter what country they're from - is on Facebook each night!).

It's near midnight and it seems like the sun just went down (it stays light really late. at 10:45pm here it's like being 8:45pm at home).

This is a really long 6 day regatta - a real marathon. 4 day down, 2 to go!

Plenty of time for Megan and Drew to put in some top races and take home some silver.

Janet as team leader also just spent the past 4 days in international opti measurement class. Why it takes that long to learn how to measure a little 8 foot boat I'll never now. But she's now certified.... or certifiable.

LISOT Opti Update from Team USA in Flanders, Belguim

LISOTers Kate van Loveren, Matt Kaplan and Jared Gaynes are sailing on Team USA at the Flanders regatta in Nieuwpoort , Belguim.

Weather has been fantastic all week as Europe has been covered by a high pressure giving very little chance to the usual unstable weather systems to get through. This same weather is also affecting our sailors at the Opti Europeans in Poland.

After the opening ceremonies on Saturday morning, only one race was held as the wind was very light under tough conditions dealing with the ripping North sea current (12 foot tide differential).

Day two saw fantastic sailing conditions with three races with plenty of sun, temps in the 70's and a breeze that build to 20knts out of SW with the sea to grow to boiling waves against opposite current.

Day three presented very pleasant conditions again with a mild breeze, again three races held.

At the start of day four the fleet has been divided in a Gold group (48) and Silver group (47). Full results at:

Ten of the fifteen Team USA sailors are in the Gold fleet.

Lisot's Jared Gaynes (picture above) is top USA sailors in 13th place, Jared has a 2 and 4 as his top finishes. Kate van Loveren is in 25th as 3rd USA and 2nd Girl overall (chasing a Danish girl in 10th).

Matt Kaplan is in 43rd and 7th USA boat (Matt should benefit today from a 40 drop).

The kids are having a blast, eating mussels, fries, pannekoeken. The beaches are beautiful and sailing has been great.

Good luck to ours sailors, two more days of promising racing conditions.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Latest News from Opti Europeans & Flanders Regattas

Team USA at Europeans:
Photo above: (l to r) Drew, Megan, India Johnstone, Coach Panic, Will Marshall, Janet and Vladi Estoup (ARG).