Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LISOT Opti Sailors Make Up 1/6 of the US National Team!

Congratulations to the 11 LISOT sailors who qualified for the newly structured, smaller and more competitive 60-person US National Team. The new format consolidates the USNT and USNDT into a single group, and reduces the team size from prior years when it was a combined 75 sailors.

Our 11 USNT sailors, who now make up over 1/6 of the USNT, represent an impressive 85% of all the LISOT sailors who went to Team Trials that were eligible to make the team (5 either aged or sized out).

Those joining the USNT are:
  1. Augie Dale
  2. Alexandra Delbello
  3. Florian Eenkema van Dijk
  4. Drew Gallagher
  5. Jared Gaynes
  6. Ty Ingram
  7. Matt Kaplan
  8. Will Logue
  9. Jack Parkin
  10. Kate van Loveren
  11. Sean Walsh
LISOT sailors who went to Team Trails and aged out this year (1995 birth year), and are therefore ineligible for another year on the USNT, are:
  1. Reinier Eenkena van Dijk
  2. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick
  3. Harry Koeppel
  4. Malcolm Lamphere ('96 but sized out)
  5. Liza O'Connor

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