Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Opti New England's Day 2 - LISOT's Harry Koeppel in 1st

LISOT sailors had another terrific day on Narragansett Bay, with many sailors collecting bullets on their way to some great racing and fantastic finishes. Head Coach Pepe Bettini and coach Marcos Lamas have the entire team starting well, showing strong boat speed and playing the current and shifts very well.

Harry Koeppel tops the leader board in first overall with 2 bullets today, throwing out a 10th! Followed closely in 3rd is Drew Gallagher, who had one bullet and two seconds. And rounding out the top 10 is Reinier Eenkema van Dijk who also had a bullet and two seconds. Brendan Shanahan and Lily Katz round out the top 25 for LISOT.

Conditions were similar to yesterday, with sea breeze conditions, warm air and sunshine. The moon is full now and the current was really ripping.

As with day 1, some other LISOT sailors who are racing with the local clubs are doing well and in the top 30, including Maeve White in 13th, Jonathan Lutz in 19th, and Matthew Kaplan in 29th.

LISOT finishes are:
1. Harry
3. Drew
9. Reinier
15. Brendan
24. Lily
26. Alex Delbello
33. Augie Dale
52. Florian Eenkema van Dijk
61. Sean Walsh
72. Jared Gaynes
77. Ty Ingram
96. Julia Monro
104. Patrick Shanahan
110. Caroline Booth
133. Ian Crane
140. Travis Bobley
272. Sydney Beres
196. Will Logue
276. Matt Logue
320. Elizabeth Shanahan

Tomorrow is the thrid and final day of racing.

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