Monday, January 12, 2009

Two Olympians Join Trevor to Coach LISOT

We're thrilled that Amanda Clark and Marek Valasek will be joining Trevor as our primary coaches up through and including 2009 Team Trials.

Amanda Clark

Many of you know Amanda - she coached LISOT quite a bit this past fall and, of course, was the US Women's 470 skipper at the 2008 Beijing Olympics last summer.

When Amanda was seven, she started sailing Optis at Shelter Island Yacht Club. As a member of the US National Team, Amanda traveled the world representing the U.S. on the South American, European and Worlds teams.

At 14 she won the silver medal at the Opti Europeans and was a top female finisher at both the North and South Americans. A year later, at age 15, Amanda became the youngest female to make the U.S. Sailing Team in the Europe class.

(Opti Trivia: Did you know that Amanda and '08 Olympic Silver Medalist Zach Railey were on US team along with Trevor that went to the Optimist Worlds in Ireland back in 1997?).

Marek Valasek

Marek started sailing Optis on a small lake near the Slovakian capital of Bratislava at the age of 8. He won two national championships and represented Solvakia at the Opti Europeans and Worlds.

After Optis, he crewed for his brother sailing 420s and 470s. In 1993, Marek began racing in the Finn class, where he won four successive National titles. Marek then began racing Lasers, and completed at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta for Solvakia.

Marek has been coaching the Opti US National Team for a few years, coached the US team 2008 Optimist Worlds last year in Turkey; the US team at the 2007 Europeans, as well as many other US international opti teams.

This April, in addition to coaching LISOT, Amanda will be coaching the US team at the Holland Easter Regatta, and Marek the US team at the International Optimist Meeting in Lake Garda, Italy.

We are also actively pursuing additional world-class coaches for 2009 Team Trials and beyond.

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