Friday, November 28, 2008

USODA 2008 Midwinters - Day 1 Update

They don't call it lake Always-rains for nothing. This years' Midwinter's kicked off today on Lake Pontchartrain with bright sunshine and warm 70+ temps as team LISOT rigged and had a coaches meeting with Trevor and Brian.

But before all the kids could even get off the dock, clouds zipped in, the temps dropped and it was pouring. But wait 10 minutes, and it warmed back up with sunny skies.

Winds were blowing off the beach from the south and varying up and down from 5 to 15, as well as shifting left and right as the squalls rolled in and the sun popped out. The water was quite flat, especially for a lake with a reputation for killer steep/short chop.

And so was the story of Day 1 here at Southern YC. Lot's of changing weather, changing positions on the race course, and changing of foul weather gear on the support boats.

The Race Committee did a terrific job of getting in four 75-minute races on very well laid out Olympic triangle courses (triangle, windward, leeward, windward). All 140 boats were on a single, lengthy starting line - which made choosing the right end so very important. And the first weather mark rounding was often a very tight affair in each race.

A few races started under black flag, with Megan G-R and Ian Crane being the first LISOTer, in Race 2, to "earn" 141 points that came with a BFD.

For the most part, our sailors had a challenging day, along with most of the fleet. Only the top few sailors were fairly consistent. After that the finishes were all over the place. Duncan Williford, Axel Sly and Chris Williford are the top 3. Ian Stokes is in 5th place but has a 47th, and Max Simmons in 6th has a 49th. The top girl is Riley Legault in 13th despite a 75th place in race 2)

With such varied finishes, a lot can change after the throwout that comes with the 5th race. And a good many LISOT sailors have a big drop sitting on their point totals.

After 4 races, without a drop, LISOT sailors are:

33rd Reinier EVD
36 Lily Katz
40 Roger Dorr
44 Andrew Poupolo
45 Sammi Purton
55 Megan G-R
59 Katie Kelley
68 Julie Lambert
69 Casey Klingler
70 Adele Whitmyer
79 Drew Gallagher
96 KB Knapp
102 Gabriel Verrier-Paquette
127 Chrissy Klingler
129 Ian Crane

Full results

This two day event concludes tomorrow with what's hoped to be at least 4 more races. The forecast is for good wind a tad more right than today, temps in the low 70s, and spotty showers.

Full wrap up on tomorrow evening's report (unless this cub reporter ends up on Bourbon Street, after which all bets are off).

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