Friday, October 24, 2008

European Opti Team Cup in Berlin - Pre-regatta Update 2

It was another gorgeous day in Berlin today.

Coach Soren Laugesen arrived by van late last night and met the sailors for the usual extensive Hotel-Petit breakfast. Immediately following breakfast it was a short walk to the club, get rigged up and out on Lake Wannsee.

The breeze was light to medium and the sailors had a nice practice including some races against the team from the Netherlands.

After practice the team talk a ride on the train into Berlin to visit the huge mall Ka De We. We rode the train home just in time for the coaches meeting - the real coaches meeting at 8 PM.

There are 16 teams. Everyone will race against everyone else once to determine the top 4 teams.

LISOT's first race is against GER. Second is NOR and third is POL 2. After these, the order is RUS, SWE, SCG (a regional GER team) and then UKR (Ukraine).

The Opening Ceremony is at 0830 on Saturday and my reports should start about 1015.

The weather forecast is pretty good for tomorrow but Sunday doesn't sound too good.

- Doug

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