Sunday, October 26, 2008

Berlin Opti Team Cup - Sat Summary

The weather was kind of dreary and there was very little wind but that didn't dampen the spirits of LISOT sailors Tracy Doherty, Reinier Eenkema van Dijk, Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick, Elliott Morrill, and Laura Wefer representing the USA in the 21st Euro Opti Team Cup at the Potsdamer YC in Berlin, Germany.

Although LISOT did not fair well against their first three opponents GER, RUS, and NOR they did prevail against SWE, a local GER team, UKR and POL 2 to end the first round at 4-3.

On LISOT's course (B) RUS was 7-0, NOR 6-1, GER 4-3, USA 4-3, POL 2 4-3, GER Club 1-6, and SWE 0-7.
On the other course (A) NEL was 6-1, DEN 5-2, POL 5-2, ITA 5-2, TUR 3-4, Potsdamer YC 2-5, GBR 1-6, and FIN 1-6.

At the end of the first 7 races LISOT switched courses in order to sail against FIN, Potsdamer YC, GBR and ITA. After these four races LISOT will again switch courses to finish against POL, TUR, NEL, and DEN.

After the teams sail one race against each the top four teams will sail off in a semi-finals and finals.

Sunday has brought perfect fall sailing with modest temps and nice wind. It should be a good day.

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