Tuesday, July 22, 2008

USODA Team Racing Nationals - Final

The third and final day of the USODA Team Racing Nationals at Westhampton Yacht Squadron picked up right where day 2 left off. Great wind and great racing. All that was left to be run was the semi-finals and finals for the Gold and Silver Fleets. For the Gold Fleet pairings were Team Be (1) vs Lauderdale YC (4) and Team 4 (2) vs LISOT “The Graduates” (3).  Each had to sail a best of 3 series. Team Be defeated Lauderdale 2-0 and LISOT defeated Team 4 by a similar margin.


In the Gold Fleet finals Team Be (Carson Crain, Alex Curtiss, Morgan Kiss, & Chris Williford) defeated LISOT (Olivia Crane, Tracy Doherty, Evan Read, Elliott Morrill, and Laura Wefer) 2-0 to take the title and earn a berth at the European Opti Team Cup in Berlin, Germany this October.


The Silver fleet results were not yet known at the time of this writing.


Westhampton Yacht Squadron was a wonderful host and the race committees did a great job keeping the races flowing.


Full results are available at www.yachtsquadron.com

USODA Team Racing Nationals - Day 2 Summary

The wind gods again smiled on the USODA National Team Race Championship (4 on 4) yesterday at the Westhampton Yacht Squadron in Remsenberg, NY. The wind was a little lighter than on Sunday but still a gorgeous 8-12.

A second round-robin was completed (9 races per team) allowing the top four teams to be selected in both the Gold (Championship) fleet and the Silver fleet.

LISOT’s “The Graduates” team of Olivia Crane (Noroton), Tracy Doherty (Sea Cliff), Elliott Morrill (Stamford), Evan Read (Manhasset Bay), and Laura Wefer (Sea Cliff) finished third in the Gold fleet round robin and now face Team Four (FL) in the semi-finals. Team Be was the round robin winner and Lauderdale Yacht Club was fourth. The semi-finals and finals will be sailed today. They are both a best of 3 races.

LISOT’s other four gold teams – Eggnoggan, Intensity, Purple Monkeys, and Purple People Eaters sailed well but did not make the semi-finals. Dynamite, LISOT’s silver fleet team of Travis Bobley (Sea Cliff), Matt Lyon (Port Washington), Casey Klingler (Larchmont), Nick Klingler (Sayville) and Katie Koeppel (Beach Point) were close to winning their first race but lost in the protest room. The semi-finals against only silver fleet teams should be a new opportunity for these enthusiastic sailors.

Event website – http://www.yachtsquadron.com/

Sunday, July 20, 2008

USODA Team Racing Nationals - Day 1 Summary

Hello everyone - Day 1 of the 2008 USODA Team Racing Nationals was all anyone could have asked for - less the fog. The 20 teams left the beach of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron about an hour late but the wind cooperated and PRO's Wes Whitmyer (Green course) and Bill Crane (White Course) quickly got the races rolling. 45 races were sailed on each course completing the first round robin by 3:30 PM in 8 to 15 mph SW winds.

Full results are available at http://www.yachtsquadron.com/. On Day 2, the top five teams from each course will advance to one course where there will be a round-robin to determine the top four teams. The second course will have a round-robin for the remaining 6 gold fleet teams and the 4 silver fleet teams. It is planned that on Tuesday the top four gold fleet teams and the four silver fleet teams will sail off in semi-finals and finals.

Just as a reminder the LISOT teams are:

Colin Kennedy
Casey Klingler
Ty Ingram
Heidi Halvorsen

Harry Koeppel
Julia Monro
Julia Lambert
Sam Stan
Ian Crane

Purple Monkeys
Lilly Katz
Rienier Eenkema van Dijk
Megan Rudnick
Matthew Mollarus
Katie Kelley

Dynamite (silver fleet)
Travis Bobley
Crissy Klingler
Katie Koeppel
Matthew Lyons
Nick Klingler

Purple People Eaters
Adele Whitmyer
Roger Dorr
Drew Gallagher
Hanah Morrill
JJ Monro

The Graduates
Elliott Morrill
Evan Read
Laura Wefer
Olivia Crane
Tracy Doherty

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Training

LISOT (Long Island Sound Optimist Training) has just finished two 3-day training periods and is now ready to head to the USODA National Championships.

Niantic Bay Yacht Club, Niantic, CT and the Peck Family graciously hosted LISOT July 9 through 11. This was a great opportunity to train with head coach Trevor Moore and summer assistant coach John Moulthrop. Conditions were variable but typically gorgeous for eastern Long Island Sound.

For July 14 through July 16 LISOT visited the Dinghy Shop in Amityville, NY and the Great South Bay. Sailors got exactly what they traveled to the Long Island south shore for - wind! Wednesday was a Team Racing practice and the 20+ sailors slept well that night. On Thursday, many sailors tried to take in JSA Open Regattas at Larchmont and Head of the Bay but a small group ventured to Wet Pant Sailing Association in Sayville for an extra day of practice in conditions similar to expected for the Nationals. The weather didn't let them down.

LISOT would like to thank our friends at Niantic Bay Yacht Club, the Peck Family, The Dinghy Shop and it's entire crew including Jim & Susan Koehler, and the Wet Pants Sailing Association for two great weeks of sailing. We hope to see you all soon.