Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 Team Trials - Day 3 Recap

The wind gods didn't cooperate much better today than yesterday. The RC got started right on time (1000) using the NNE winds at 5+. The wind went up and down and shifted a fair amount but the RC got another race in by shortly after noon. Unfortunately, the third race of the day proved more challenging (7th overall). The current switched and started to go against the wind causing the fleet to be pushed over the starting line. After three Black Flag starts race 7A got started with 39 boats (out of 98) disqualified with a Black Flag penalty. Race 7A didn't make it to the windward mark before the wind collapsed and the race was abandoned. Race 7B was never started. After a moderate wait the RC decided to postpone for the day. They have scheduled a 0745 dock start tomorrow with a scheduled first race (7A) at 0900.

LISOT sailors had their ups and down in the two races today. The top performance was Lilly Katz with a 7-3 to move up to 9th overall. LISOT still has 4 sailors in the first fifteen but everyone is looking forward to a solid day of sailing tomorrow. No race can start after 1400 so the hope is for at least 3 races.

Full results can be seen at

P.S. - the author's Blackberry went for a swim with him today so reporting tomorrow may be a bit more sporadic

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