Friday, May 30, 2008

Volunteer Help Needed for 2008 USODA Nationals

Your help is needed.

We've been asked to help out at Opti Nationals this year in Patchogue.

Specifically, our help is needed for measurement on Tuesday (July 22), and the supervision/coordination of opti launching and retrieval each morning and afternoon (Wednesday thru Sunday, July 23-27).

To enable an easy "Self-Service" sign up process, we've set up a spreadsheet that everyone can access (no password needed) to fill in your volunteer times. Just click and sign up for for times when you can help out.

Although you can access the site at anytime to add, update, change or move your desired volunteer times, please sign up early so we know if there are areas that need more help.

The link will also be on the LISOT website home page.

Thanks in advance for helping make this years' Nationals a great regatta for our kids.

Doug, Michael, Wes, Bill & Trevor

Thursday, May 29, 2008

XXII Rizzotti Trofeo Report

Team LISOT (Evan Read, Olivia Crane, Andrew Mollerus, Ian Storck, Elliott Morrill and coach Trevor Moore) participated in the 22nd edition of the Rizzotti Trofeo in Venice Italy from May 22nd – May 25th. We faced teams from around the world; the organizers had managed to get teams from 4 continents. They had hoped to have representations from all 5 continents but New Zealand had to decline due to problems with the schools.


We arrived on May 21st after a long but uneventful flight. Thanks to Ambien provided by Tory Crane we all slept and arrived relatively rested in Venice. We had rented a European Van (manual) for nine passengers and Annette Morrill took on the role of bus driver for the team; only occasionally challenged by Trevor. The team was picked up by the organizers at the airport and with their guidance we all arrived at the campground Marina di Venezia where we had rented small bungalows for the team and supporters. Trevor stayed with the entire team in one of the bungalows and took on the role of cook and camp leader. Shower schedules were established and enforced. After checking out the campground, we went to the venue (with some help from Wes!). Our charter boats were not ready and we decided to visit Venice for the afternoon. We had a quick first meal in Venice (a start to a wonderful culinary experience), explored San Marco square with the pigeons and took a gondola ride before we went back by boat to the camp ground.


On the second day, the team rigged their boats and went out for a short practice sail. The supporting parents went for a leisurely lunch to a restaurant at the venue recommended by Bruno Rizzotti. We also enjoyed a few glasses on very young (fuzzy) wine and decided to go into the wine making business.


The event started officially with an opening ceremony and a  skippers meeting in the evening. We had dinner in the camp ground restaurant and went to bed ready to compete the next day.


Team LISOT was in a draw with teams from Austria, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Singapore 1 and 2 regional Italian teams (Liguria and Emilia Romagna). Our first race was against Puerto Rico, the team which had just won the team racing at the South Americans. LISOT, unfortunately lost, due to a mistake. This race was followed by a loss on the finish line to Liguria. After a clear loss against a tough Austrian team, the team had a nice comeback against Serbia. A thunderstorm ended the day prematurely.


The next day, Team LISOT began with 3 straight victories before a loss to Singapore 1 and qualified for the gold fleet. The gold fleet included Singapore 1, Singapore 2, Team 4 (the other US team), Italy, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Emilia Romagna. LISOT carried forward only 1 point from the round robin and was in a tough position. Unfortunately, the team lost all races in the gold fleet (only racing the teams which they had not faced in the round robin). According to Trevor, the races were close and could have been won. Poor Ian Storck got violently ill during the afternoon but hung in for the team. He recovered quickly with a diet of Ritz crackers, pizza and Immodium and was ready to sail the next day to our surprise.


The team was scheduled to sail in the consolation round with a clean slate and hopes for moving up from the 9th position on Sunday. Unfortunately, the race committee had to make the decision to sent the teams from the gold and silver consolation round in after a few hours due to a lack of wind. The team went out on the coach boat to watch the finals with Trevor. The final round in the gold fleet included Singapore 1, Italy, Belgium and Team 4. Singapore 1 was the clear winner, with Belgium second, Italy 3rd and Team 4 in fourth position. The Singaporian team was really impressive! The final round in the silver fleet included Algeria, Croatio, Lazio and Veneto. Veneto won the silver fleet beating Algeria.


Sunday ended with the official closing ceremony and the team taking another trip into Venice at night. We ended our wonderful experience with a nice team dinner in a restaurant at the Canale Grande. None of us wanted to go home!


The trip was a wonderful experience for the sailors and the supporting parents. We enjoyed good company, a lot of laughs, terrific food and great sailing.


Annette Morrill




Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 Team Trials - Day 3 Recap

The wind gods didn't cooperate much better today than yesterday. The RC got started right on time (1000) using the NNE winds at 5+. The wind went up and down and shifted a fair amount but the RC got another race in by shortly after noon. Unfortunately, the third race of the day proved more challenging (7th overall). The current switched and started to go against the wind causing the fleet to be pushed over the starting line. After three Black Flag starts race 7A got started with 39 boats (out of 98) disqualified with a Black Flag penalty. Race 7A didn't make it to the windward mark before the wind collapsed and the race was abandoned. Race 7B was never started. After a moderate wait the RC decided to postpone for the day. They have scheduled a 0745 dock start tomorrow with a scheduled first race (7A) at 0900.

LISOT sailors had their ups and down in the two races today. The top performance was Lilly Katz with a 7-3 to move up to 9th overall. LISOT still has 4 sailors in the first fifteen but everyone is looking forward to a solid day of sailing tomorrow. No race can start after 1400 so the hope is for at least 3 races.

Full results can be seen at

P.S. - the author's Blackberry went for a swim with him today so reporting tomorrow may be a bit more sporadic

Friday, May 2, 2008

2008 Team Trials - Day 2 Recap

Day Two of the 2008 USODA Team Trials didn't deliver much excitement. The fleet waited patiently for wind and when it came it only lasted long enough for one race.

When the fleet got to the race course to start the day most of the sailors stripped off their drysuits in favor of shirt sleeves. The temperatures were rising quickly and after about an hour and a half wait Race 4 got started under a black flag in SE winds at 5-7 mph. As Race 4A got started the wind filled from the right and eventually got as high as 10 mph. The temperatures seemed cooler with the wind. Some sailors put more clothes on but then the wind died again. Although the Race Committee was able to get Race 5 started they abandoned the race before the fleet reached the first mark. From the abandonment the fleet was sent ashore having only completed the one race.

LISOT continues to have many strong scores with five sailors still in the first 15. For those not doing as well as they had hoped the prospects are for many more races and plenty of opportunities to succeed in the next two days.

Full results are available at

2008 Team Trials - Day 1 Recap

LISOT had a great 1st day at the 2008 USODA Team Trials in Annapolis, MD. The 197 boat fleet got in 3 solid races in SSW winds. It was very cool and drizzly at times but the sailors were dressed appropriately. The highlight of the day may have been race 1B when LISOT had the first five boats to round the windward mark.
LISOT currently has 5 boats in the top 15.

The hope is for 5 races today but the ride out to the course does not look promising. The breeze is currently south and under 5 mph.

Full results are available and posted promptly throughout the day at