Saturday, March 22, 2008

Greetings from balmy B'Meer

Local reporter, Bill Crane, provides this report from the Holland Easter Regatta this morning -

The RC finally got in one race yesterday (Friday). After the snow and sleet and rain and gale force winds subsided the wind clocked 180deg and died down to about 8-10kts. It was a lovely 35-40F with partial and intermittent sunniness.

LISOT & USA sailors performed well finishing the race in the following order:

Reiner Eenkema van Dijk (LISOT) numero uno!!!!! With a bullet!!!!!!!!!
Forest Short 4th
Alex Ramos 8th
Ian Storck (LISOT) 8th
Olivia (LISOT) 9th
Ian Stokes 15th
Geoffrey Nelson 17th
Duncan 'junior beast' Williford 18th
Max Simmons 21st
Jack McGuire 25th
Drake Lyon 29th
Charlie Lalumierre 33rd
Clay Danly 36th
Riley, so this is snow, Legault 39th
Will Greer (LISOT) 44th
Mathew Molerus (LISOT) 68th

Complete results, photos and webcam available at

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