Sunday, March 23, 2008

B'Meer Day two (Saturday)

Bill Crane reports from Holland -

I don’t have all the results as yet, but I do have some interesting information.

Flight 1 Race 2
Wind 5-10kts clocking with more velocity on the left – very tough conditions to pick a side….
Max Simmons with a bullet

Flight 2 Race 2
Reiner EVD with a bullet! Number two for the regatta!!!!!

Flight 3 Race 2
Ian Storck 2nd

Flight 1 Race 3
Wind 20-25kts with gusts to 40kts, rain, sleet, snow – very tough on the spectators….
Olivia – 3rd

Flight 2 Race 3
Alex Ramos – 6th

Flight 3 Race 3
Ian Storck 3rd, 4th or 5th

Check out some of the commentary and photos on this link

Team USA is making us very proud!


Final results just posted at

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