Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final Report - 26th Lake Garda Optimist Meeting

LISOT sailors were in Riva del Garda, Italy to compete in the 26th Annual Lake Garda Optimist Meeting which finished on Easter Sunday.

LISOT’s Marcus Edegran, sailing on Team USA, was the top US sailor, finishing 26th overall in the 840 boat Championship fleet! Congratulations Marcus.

Over 1,000 Opti’s turned out for what’s being called the world’s largest single class one-design regatta. Drawn to the site of the 2008 European Opti Champs this summer, an amazing team of race officials from the club Fraglia Vela Riva ran 5 championship fleets (“Juniors”) of 168 boats each (yes, 168 boats on a single starting!), on 3 separate courses, plus an additional 165 “Cadetti’s” (sailors 10-11 years old).

LISOT sailors faced stiff competition from sailors from 31 countries across a broad array of conditions – from a shifty 5 knots with air temps just above freezing with snow and rain, to steady 25-30+ knots and 4 foot rollers – all with lake water temps in the low 40s.

Harald Faste of Norway beat Luca Paolillo of Italy by 1 point to win the Garda Cup. Luke Tan of Singapore was just 6 points behind in third, after throwing out a 22nd. Sailors from Germany, Poland, Croatia and Great Britain rounded out the top 10.

The Race Committees ran 2 or 3 races each day, starting at noon after the light morning northerly dies and the southerly “sea breeze” literally switches on (the wind roars up the lake and goes from zero to 20 knots in literally 3 to 5 minutes – you can see it coming up the lake in as a cloud of mist).

After 3 days of racing in semi-random fleets, sailors were assigned fleets based on their overall finishes after Day 3. The first 168 boats sailed in Gold, the next 168 in Silver and so on for Bronze, Emerald and Pearl fleets.

LISOT finishers:

Marcus Edegran – 26th overall and in Gold fleet with 126 points (first US boat)

Antoine Screve – 32nd overall and in Gold with 145 points

Declan Whitmyer – 115th overall and in Gold with 315 points

Katie Kelley – 40th Bronze (374th overall) with 548 points

Roger Dorr – 17th Emerald (527th overall) with 702 points

Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick – 19th Emerald (529th overall) with 708 points

Harry Koeppel – 26th Emerald (538th overall) with 734 points

Sam Stan – 145th Emerald (655th overall) with 965 points

Adele Whitmyer – 13th in Pearl (689th overall) with 867 points

Roma Screve – 111th in the Cadetti fleet

Final results are posted here.

The kids had a great time both on the water and off – Riva del Garda is a picturesque town at the foot of the Alps (built in the 1600’s) where everything is in walking distance –hotels, supermarkets, yacht club, shopping, restaurants and bars.

With the hotels facing the town square and water front, every night the kids played soccer with the Danish and Irish teams, or roamed the small streets in search of a new gelato stand. Most parents were found enjoying their 10th cup of Latte Macchiato for the day at an outdoor table (even in 40 and 50 degree temps).

On the lay day some drove an hour north for great skiing (including a few coaches), others drove to Venice, and others took a ferry across the lake to the Malcesine cable car up to Mounto Baldo (1750 meters) where the Beirgarten and sleigh riding were a big hit for both kids and parents.

Congratulations to all our sailors.

Monday, March 24, 2008

B'Meer - Day Four

Reporter Bill Crane reports that they awoke today to an inch of snow on the ground!


"After most sbmd's (snow balls of mass destruction) were expended - the race committee  settled all differences between the Europeans and North Americans following an international uprising in which the RC was shelled mercilessly by all sailors. The sun (weird orb in the western sky) became visible for the first time in Holland. Temp has risen from 32F to 40+ in a flash. Wind 5-8kts from the North. Sailing to begin shortly."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

B'Meer Day two (Saturday)

Bill Crane reports from Holland -

I don’t have all the results as yet, but I do have some interesting information.

Flight 1 Race 2
Wind 5-10kts clocking with more velocity on the left – very tough conditions to pick a side….
Max Simmons with a bullet

Flight 2 Race 2
Reiner EVD with a bullet! Number two for the regatta!!!!!

Flight 3 Race 2
Ian Storck 2nd

Flight 1 Race 3
Wind 20-25kts with gusts to 40kts, rain, sleet, snow – very tough on the spectators….
Olivia – 3rd

Flight 2 Race 3
Alex Ramos – 6th

Flight 3 Race 3
Ian Storck 3rd, 4th or 5th

Check out some of the commentary and photos on this link http://teamusaholland.googlepages.com/

Team USA is making us very proud!


Final results just posted at http://www.braassemermeer.nl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=191&Itemid=131

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Greetings from balmy B'Meer

Local reporter, Bill Crane, provides this report from the Holland Easter Regatta this morning -

The RC finally got in one race yesterday (Friday). After the snow and sleet and rain and gale force winds subsided the wind clocked 180deg and died down to about 8-10kts. It was a lovely 35-40F with partial and intermittent sunniness.

LISOT & USA sailors performed well finishing the race in the following order:

Reiner Eenkema van Dijk (LISOT) numero uno!!!!! With a bullet!!!!!!!!!
Forest Short 4th
Alex Ramos 8th
Ian Storck (LISOT) 8th
Olivia (LISOT) 9th
Ian Stokes 15th
Geoffrey Nelson 17th
Duncan 'junior beast' Williford 18th
Max Simmons 21st
Jack McGuire 25th
Drake Lyon 29th
Charlie Lalumierre 33rd
Clay Danly 36th
Riley, so this is snow, Legault 39th
Will Greer (LISOT) 44th
Mathew Molerus (LISOT) 68th

Complete results, photos and webcam available at http://www.braassemermeer.nl/

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LISOT Sailors Represent Team USA At Spring International Optimist Regattas

LISOT again has a large group of sailors representing TEAM USA in international events this Easter vacation. The International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA) South American Championship is in Paracas, Peru, from March 13 to 23 while the 23rd Magic Marine Holland Easter Regatta is in Braassemermeer, The Netherlands from March 21 to 24. Concurrent with the Magic Marine Easter Regatta is the Lake Garda International Optimist Meeting, March 20 to 23 in Riva del Garda, Italy.

These three US Teams were selected last October at the United States Optimist Dinghy Association (USODA) Atlantic Coast Championships, in Norfolk, VA. LISOT’s Andrew Mollerus (Larchmont YC), Sarah Williams (Bay Head YC), Colin Murphy (Shelter Island YC) and Deirdre Lambert (Portland YC) are part of the 15 member South American Team while Olivia Crane (Noroton YC), William Greer (Indian Harbor YC), Matthew Mollerus (Larchmont YC), Ian Storck (Centerport YC) and Reinier Eeenkema van Dijk (Larchmont YC) are members of the 20 sailor Holland Easter Regatta team. Veteran optimist sailors Markus Edegran (Larchmont YC) and Declan Whitmyer (Noroton YC) are members of the 10 sailor Lake Garda Team USA.

These events can all be followed on event websites at:

IODA South American Championship - http://www.sudopti2008.com
Magic Marine Holland Easter Regatta - http://www.braassemermeer.nl
Lake Garda International Optimist Meeting - http://lakegardameeting.fragliavelariva.it/