Saturday, December 29, 2007

Orange Bowl Day 3

Saturday, Day 3, saw winds slightly less than yesterday with considerably more oscillations in both direction and wind speed. Wind was mainly out of the northeast, oscillating 20+ degrees on 15-25 minute cycles. Velocity was 6-10, with a few higher puffs during race 2.

The committee ran 3 races, most under black flag. There are many changes in the standing due to the throw-out, sailors being black flagged (some for a second time), and varied finishes by many competitors.

More US sailors moved into the top 20 - now 8, but South American and US Virgin Island sailors are still showing strong.

Antoine Screve has been very consistent with a 4, 2, 15 today, dropping a 17 from yesterday and moving up from 5th to 3rd. Andrew Mollarus moved up into 35th, and Dec held steady at the 39th spot.

The top 10 LISOT sailors are now:

3rd - Antoine Screve
35 - Andrew Mollarus
39 - Declan Whitmyer
42 - Gary Prieto
54 - Elliot Morrill
56 - Ian Storck
72 - Lily Katz
79 - Sarah Williams
86- Bryce Kopp
87 - Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick

Click here for full results

Saturday night was the annual competitor dinner and raffle - along with impromptu football on the lawn and kids swinging from the hoist (some things never change). Top prize was a Laser, which was not won by anyone from LISOT, despite considerable betting on the side as to whom would be the lucky 'winner'.

Rumor has it the Race Committee plans on running two races tomorrow, the final day of the regatta. Wind is forecast at 5-10 northeast building to 10-15 mid-day.

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