Monday, December 31, 2007

LISOT's Antoine Screve Wins 2007 Orange Bowl

2007 ended on a high note for team LISOT with Antoine Screve winning a very competitive 2007 Orange Bowl Regatta. Congratulations Antoine for an outstanding regatta – and winning the hard way... without a single bullet. LISOT also celebrated with the Screve family as younger brother Romain took 3rd in Green Fleet!

This year’s Orange Bowl was one of the most competitive regattas in US waters in 2007, as well as an event that actually had some decent breeze.

US sailors were the minority in the top 20, taking just 8 of the first 20 finishes (3 of the top 10). Ecuador, Peru, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Argentina and The Netherlands were consistently out in front. In fact, it was not uncommon to see the first dozen boats rounding the reach mark void of a US sailor. Most starts in the 10 race regatta were run under black flag. Even so, the fleet was so experienced that in all 10 races there were only 2 BFDs and 2 OCS’s amongst the top 30 finishers!

Coral Reef Yacht Club ran a magnificent event both on the water and off, as they always do. This year they had lots of cooperation from the wind gods. Although very light conditions were prevalent in the days preceding the event, including Day 1 which saw the abandonment of Race 1 as the light breeze shut off around 3pm, the next three days were blessed with 7-12 knots of northeast to east wind.

The 4th and final day of racing saw the strongest winds – pushing 13-14 knots at times, and generally between 8-12 out of the east with a stiff chop, which made for some great photos. The winds on day 3 and 4 oscillated far more than on day 2, upwards of 20-30 degrees on semi-regular cycles. This resulted in some big boat length leads for those that hit the shifts correctly, and a lot of position changes on the final leg of each race. Our Red Fleeters took full advantage of the shifts, while most of the blue and white fleeter were focused on boat speed and starting tactics on the tight, aggressive line and bumpy, puffy conditions.

LISOT team finishes:

1. Antoine Screve

29. Declan Whitmyer

45. Ian Storck

49. Gary Prieto

50. Elliott Morrill

55. Sarah Williams

71. Olivia Crane

73. Bryce Kopp

74. Lily Katz

81. Andrew Mollerus

83. Tracy Doherty

88. Connor Marion

96. Charlie Peck

98. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick

103. Andrew Poupolo

115. Mathew Mollerus

118. Harry Koeppel

139. Adele Whitmyer

147. Hannah Morrill

156. Laura Lubben

161. Casey Klingler

165. Sean Cornell

176. Ian Crane

177. Ben Cohen

181. Stefan Kuehn

194. KB Knapp

196. Derek Arnheiter

201. Chrissie Klingler

The final results don’t tell the whole story (do they ever?). Displaying the true sportsmanship spirit that is LISOT, Andrew Mollerus withdrew from Race 7, after finishing 4th, when he realized that he had inadvertanly been holding on to a coach boat when the 5 minute prep gun was sounded for his flight.

In addition to all the hard work on the water, our sailors had a lot of fun in and around The Grove. Sunday night the Cocowalk was teeming with LISOT parents and sailors. A large group of LISOT families joined up at The Knife and Tu Tu Tango, along with some non-LISOT families. Friendships were made, Mojito’s were enjoyed, and there were even a few ‘henna’ tattoo’s displayed on arms, backs and ankles!

Thanks to Trevor Moore in his debut regatta as LISOT's head coach, and Erik Storck, Kaity Storck and Alejandro Primavera for their terrific coaching.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Orange Bowl Day 3

Saturday, Day 3, saw winds slightly less than yesterday with considerably more oscillations in both direction and wind speed. Wind was mainly out of the northeast, oscillating 20+ degrees on 15-25 minute cycles. Velocity was 6-10, with a few higher puffs during race 2.

The committee ran 3 races, most under black flag. There are many changes in the standing due to the throw-out, sailors being black flagged (some for a second time), and varied finishes by many competitors.

More US sailors moved into the top 20 - now 8, but South American and US Virgin Island sailors are still showing strong.

Antoine Screve has been very consistent with a 4, 2, 15 today, dropping a 17 from yesterday and moving up from 5th to 3rd. Andrew Mollarus moved up into 35th, and Dec held steady at the 39th spot.

The top 10 LISOT sailors are now:

3rd - Antoine Screve
35 - Andrew Mollarus
39 - Declan Whitmyer
42 - Gary Prieto
54 - Elliot Morrill
56 - Ian Storck
72 - Lily Katz
79 - Sarah Williams
86- Bryce Kopp
87 - Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick

Click here for full results

Saturday night was the annual competitor dinner and raffle - along with impromptu football on the lawn and kids swinging from the hoist (some things never change). Top prize was a Laser, which was not won by anyone from LISOT, despite considerable betting on the side as to whom would be the lucky 'winner'.

Rumor has it the Race Committee plans on running two races tomorrow, the final day of the regatta. Wind is forecast at 5-10 northeast building to 10-15 mid-day.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Orange Bowl Day 2

Sailors awoke to a nice northeast breeze around 10 knots, a short chop and plenty of warm sunshine.

Race 1 went off on time at 10am as the wind built to 12 or so with some whitecaps.

Race 2 saw the best wind of the day at 12+ knots.

After a 1/2 hour lunch break, the committee ran 2 more races, the last finishing up at 3pm as the breeze backed off down to 5.

Competition was stiff with the South American and USVI sailors showing very strong. Peru, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Ecuador had top 10 finishes in many races.

Most races were started under black flag, as evident by the many BFD's on the score sheet.

The top 10 LISOT sailors after 4 races are:
5 - Antoine Screve
31 - Ian Storck
39 - Declan Whitmyer
42 - Gary Prieto
44 - Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick
52 - Olivia Crane
62 - Elliot Morrill
68 - Charlie Peck
70 - Bryce Kopp
83 - Tracy Doherty

Full results

After racing, over 100 LISOT Opti and 420 sailors and parents had an enjoyable team dinner at Monty's.

Saturday's forecast is for lighter breeze, continued warmth and sun.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 Orange Bowl - Day 1 Report

29 LISOT Opti sailors and 10 420's have made the trip to Biscayne Bay for this years' annual Orange Bowl Regatta at Coral Reef Yacht Club.

Sunny skies, warm 80 degree temps and, unfortunately, calm winds have greeted everyone.

In his new role as LISOT Opti head coach, Trevor Moore and a strong coaching team of Erik Storck, Kaity Storck and Alejandro Primavera have been great at keeping everyone prepared, hydrated and focused in the hot Florida sun.

After an on-shore postponement until 12:30, racing was abandoned midway through the first race on the Opti course. The wind was 4-5 knots at the start, but never filled in and began to fade as the first flight reached the gate around 3pm.

Neither the 420s or any of the Lasers got a race off. Needless to say, the usual pileup at haulout was in full form. And in classic CRYC tradition, everyone got their boats out quickly and orderly despite what always looks like total chaos, but never actually is.

Tomorrow's forecast is for East 10-15. Based on the lack of wind this past week, anything approaching 10 knows will be welcome.