Saturday, October 27, 2007

LISOT in Berlin at European Opti Team Cup

This weekend the LISOT team of Marlena Fauer, Deirdre Lambert, Evan Read, Antoine Screve, and Declan Whitmyer is attending the 20th Annual European Opti Team Cup in Berlin, Germany. They are participating as a result of their win at the USODA Team Race Nationals in Lake Minnetonka this past summer.

Results from Berlin today are extremely encouraging. The 16 teams attending were divided into two eight team groups. The 16 teams are from 15 countries. This is a record in the 20 history of the event.

The day started with fog and very light wind and continued with light wind throughout the day.

At the end of day today, in group A (seven races sailed) there are 5 teams with 5-2 records - NED, SWE, DEN, GER, & POL

In group B, LISOT's group (only 6 races sailed) there are 2 teams at 5-1 - LISOT (USA) and SIN (Singapore). Unfortunately, there is some difference of opinion about how the USA vs SIN race should have been scored and USA came out on the losing end.

Tomorrow LISOT has a  race against a team with a losing record and barring a disaster they should end up at 6-1 and tied for first with SIN after 1st round. In their group, there will be one team at 5-2, likely NOR, which they have already beaten.

LISOT will likely need to go 3-2 against top 5 teams in group A tomorrow to make the finals. Forecast is for more wind and some sun tomorrow. Stay tuned and go LISOT!

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