Saturday, October 6, 2007

ACC's - Sat

Hello everyone - It's now 9:50PM and it feel's like a summer regatta when the sailing day last's until sunset. It did today too!
The 285+ fleet left the dock on time (1000) and the RC got started on time (1100). The breeze was light but sailable - 3-6 mph. The wind oscillated through about 30 degrees but the velocity was the difference. Sailing to the puffs was the key to success.
The RC got three races on and then the breeze increasea and shifted. Little did we know it was about to go back down! The last sailors got back to the dock after sunset.
Unfortunately I do not have online access to the results but they should be posted at A number of LISOT sailors are doing very well and everyone is working hard.
Clearly the standout performance today was Andrew Molllerus with a 9-1-1-1. Mo leads the regatta by a healthy margin.
Tomorrow will likely be warmer and more sunny. That may not bode well for the wind.
Stay tuned. There is a lot more racing to go. - Doug

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