Sunday, October 28, 2007

20th European Opti Team Cup - Final Results

Day 2 (Sunday) of the European Opti Team Cup in Berlin, Germany played very similar to Day 1 (Saturday) for the 16 teams participating. The wind was light and the fog high.
LISOT (USA) entered the day tied for the lead in group B with Sinapore (SIN) - both had records of 5-1. Meanwhile in group A, where the round robin was complete, 5 teams were tied at 5-2 - NED, SWE, DEN, GER, & POL.
Sunday's competition was tough and never over until all the umpire calls were made. Unfortunately for LISOT, a few untimely penalties cost the race against POL and another loss to SWE left them at 11-3 when the regatta was terminated. POL was the winner, NOR second while LISOT tied with SIN for third but lost the tie-breaker to finish 4th - an improvement over last year's 6th place finish.
Once again LISOT proved they could sail with some of the best in the world. Congratulations to Marlena Fauer, Deirdre Lambert, Evan Read, Antoine Screve, Declan Whitmyer and coach Staffan Johannson for another great team racing result. Get home safely.

European Opti Team Cup - Sunday AM Update

The morning report from Berlin is good.
The wind is light again. Berlin 'sun' is bright high fog instead of low dark fog.
LISOT stands 9-1 - the only team with a single loss. SWE beat SIN.. Other top teams are NOR (LISOT (beat them yesterday) and POL. Still to come is SWE - next for LISOT. Stay tuned..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

LISOT in Berlin at European Opti Team Cup

This weekend the LISOT team of Marlena Fauer, Deirdre Lambert, Evan Read, Antoine Screve, and Declan Whitmyer is attending the 20th Annual European Opti Team Cup in Berlin, Germany. They are participating as a result of their win at the USODA Team Race Nationals in Lake Minnetonka this past summer.

Results from Berlin today are extremely encouraging. The 16 teams attending were divided into two eight team groups. The 16 teams are from 15 countries. This is a record in the 20 history of the event.

The day started with fog and very light wind and continued with light wind throughout the day.

At the end of day today, in group A (seven races sailed) there are 5 teams with 5-2 records - NED, SWE, DEN, GER, & POL

In group B, LISOT's group (only 6 races sailed) there are 2 teams at 5-1 - LISOT (USA) and SIN (Singapore). Unfortunately, there is some difference of opinion about how the USA vs SIN race should have been scored and USA came out on the losing end.

Tomorrow LISOT has a  race against a team with a losing record and barring a disaster they should end up at 6-1 and tied for first with SIN after 1st round. In their group, there will be one team at 5-2, likely NOR, which they have already beaten.

LISOT will likely need to go 3-2 against top 5 teams in group A tomorrow to make the finals. Forecast is for more wind and some sun tomorrow. Stay tuned and go LISOT!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

ACC's - Sunday

Sailing in Norfolk continues to be as challenging as ever for the fleet and the 43 LISOT sailors..
Today started with fog and light NW wind (under 5) and ended with flat calm and an abandoned race. The RC worked hard and got two races finished and a third one started before the wind died. The third race needed to be abandoned due to the lack of wind.. It was like a summer day and the Nationals in 2005 (hosted at the same venue) . The current was a major factor and the wind oscillated. The day was a challenge for all the sailors.
LISOT sailors had their ups and downs but many appear destined to make US teams heading aboard in the Spring of 2008.
Tomorrow is the third and last day of racing. The forecast is for more heat. Cross your fingers for some wind.
Full results are available at

Saturday, October 6, 2007

ACC's - Sat

Hello everyone - It's now 9:50PM and it feel's like a summer regatta when the sailing day last's until sunset. It did today too!
The 285+ fleet left the dock on time (1000) and the RC got started on time (1100). The breeze was light but sailable - 3-6 mph. The wind oscillated through about 30 degrees but the velocity was the difference. Sailing to the puffs was the key to success.
The RC got three races on and then the breeze increasea and shifted. Little did we know it was about to go back down! The last sailors got back to the dock after sunset.
Unfortunately I do not have online access to the results but they should be posted at A number of LISOT sailors are doing very well and everyone is working hard.
Clearly the standout performance today was Andrew Molllerus with a 9-1-1-1. Mo leads the regatta by a healthy margin.
Tomorrow will likely be warmer and more sunny. That may not bode well for the wind.
Stay tuned. There is a lot more racing to go. - Doug