Saturday, July 28, 2007

Optimist Nationals Summary

LISOT sailors took home a lot of silver at this year's USODA Nationals, across all fleets. LISOT had 4 finishes in the top 10, and 9 of the top 20 girls.

The event saw 281 compete in the championship fleet and 39 in green fleet. It was a light air 4 race series which ended up being sailed all on one day due to lack of wind.

Our sailors showed tremendous patience on the 3 no-wind days, as well as during the single, long day of light to moderate breeze in very shifty lake conditions.

Thanks to all the parents who helped with a tremendous amount of supplies for the largest LISOT attended Nationals ever - 44 sailors in the Championship fleet and 1 green fleeter. With temps in the low 90s, no wind and high humidity, the team went through water, ice and fruit faster than you can say Walleye.

Head coach Eric Storck and our coaching team of Manny Resano, Dennis Paaske and Kaity Storck did an great job keeping the kids focused and motivated on the race course, as well as during the many windless hours of waiting. The Frisbee and card games, and swimming in warm, fresh-water Lake Minnetonka helped pass the time and keep everyone

We also received a kudos from USODA for the many LISOT parents who volunteered to man race committee positions throughout the week, serving on the signal, pin and finish boats, as well as handling scoring.

Congratulations to Team X's Ian Stokes who won the regatta with finishes of 1,4,3,8 for 16 total points.  Results are at:

Top 20 LISOT finishers in each division are:

5. Declan Whitmyer
7. Andrew Mollerus
9. Antoine Screve
10. Evan Read
13. Holly Tullo

Red Fleet
4. Declan
5. Andrew
7. Antoine
8. Evan
14. Olivia Crane
17. Laura Wefer

Blue Fleet
4. Holly
14. Gary Prieto
15. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick
17. Katie Kelly
18. Lily Katz

White Fleet
2. Drew Gallagher
4. Adele Whitmyer

Top 20 Girls
1. Holly
2. Olivia
4. Laura
6. Deirdre Lambert
11. Sarah Williams
13. Megan
15. Lily
16. Katie
19. Tracy Doherty

Congratulations to all who traveled to Lake Minnetonka. We'll see many
of you soon in Newport for the New England's (which has over 350
registered, including over 50 from LISOT, as of 7/27/07).

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