Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IODA World Championship - Days 4 & 5

The NW winds that blessed the Team Racing Day continued into the 4th and 5th days of fleet racing. The trend continued that the wind abated a little during the night only to build again along with the day's temperatures.

On Monday (Day 4) the fleet left shore at 1000 with the wind at 18-25. During the first race the wind built into the 20's and by the second race the wind was more like 22-28. After the second race the RC hoisted AP over H and sent the sailors ashore. The wind continued to increase and topped in the upper 20's with solid gusts into the 30's.

Today the wind started the same as yesterday but never really built much. The RC completely exhausted the sailors with four long races in 18-25. They have now cumpleted 11 races in total. Benjamin Grez from Chile (CHI) leads by one point over Tsibookulis of Greece (GRE) who put in the amazing performance of a 1-1-2-3 today.

Team USA is now led be Pearson Potts in 55th followed by Morgan Kiss in 68th, LISOT's Marlena Fauer in 85th, Matt Wefer (LISOT) in 85th and Axel Sly in 186th.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing and the RC hopes to complete 3 races. The wind is predicted to be much lighter.

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