Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IODA World Championship - 7/24/07

Today was the Practice Race. The day started as our other days have with the wind light from the S/SE. The Race Committee knew better though. They heard that the Mistral was in the north of Sardinia so it was just a matter of time. At about 2:30 PM the Mistral arrived in a big way! Instantly the wind shifted to the NW at 20-25. The RC clocked gusts to 30. The marks got moved and the practice race started. As usual some sailors took it as such a joke as to start in the wrong start or start early by 30 seconds. The US team took the opportunity to enjoy the big wind and waves and get a hour plus of good practice.
Coach Scott Norman has the US team focused and everyone is excited to have racing start tomorrow. The Mistral is likely to last into tomorrow although without quite as much strength.
At the Team Leaders meeting today the Race Organizers did explain that the event website was currently dead and that news of the regatta will be covered on the IODA website at www.optiworld.org .

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