Saturday, July 14, 2007

IODA North Americans - Making Progress

Although the information from Mexico is less than overwhelming the North Americans website reports that the second to last day of sailing was a blessing to the entire fleet. The RC managed three fleet races and also had time to finish the team racing.

The standout for the day was James Anfossi from Bermuda (BER) with a 4-1-1 but LISOT's Evan Read wasn't far behind with a 3-4-2. This moved James up to second overalll and Evan to 15th. Meanwhile other LISOT sailors are have some good performances - Antione Screve is 5th, Declan Whitmyer 17th and Marlena Fauer is 24th (4th girl).

A further highlight of the day was the team racing. Although the exact composition of the teams is unknown by this author (DPW) it is known that LISOT sailors Antoine, Declan, Marlena and Matt Wefer were all part of the two USA team racing teams. USA 1 lost only one race to PUR 1 (Puerto Rico) on their way to the finals while USA 2 won three races to finish in the 6/7/8 slot. In the finals USA 1 lost to PUR 1 2-1. Super job!

Saturday is the last day of racing. Two races are scheduled. If the second race is sailed there will be a second drop. The regatta leader Raul Rios (PUR) is sailing quite flawlessly but will have to hold off James Anfossi if there is a second drop.

The sailors head home tomorrow.

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