Sunday, July 15, 2007

IODA North Americans - Final Results

The final day of racing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico provided two races to make a total of 12 races for the series and a second throwout. Antoine Screve once again came on strong at the end to finish 3rd overall. This is a huge improvement for the USA over last year when USA had one sailor in the first 15 and only 3 in the first 25. The highlights are:

1. Raul Rios (PUR) - 38
2. James Anfossi (BER) - 50
3. Antoine Screve (USA) - 59
Other USA notables in the first fifteen:
8. Axel Sly
9. Alex Jacob
14. Mac Agnese
19. Marlena Fauer
20. Declan Whitmyer
21. Evan Read
64. Matt Wefer
83. Laura Wefer
119. Olivia Crane

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