Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IODA World Championship - Days 4 & 5

The NW winds that blessed the Team Racing Day continued into the 4th and 5th days of fleet racing. The trend continued that the wind abated a little during the night only to build again along with the day's temperatures.

On Monday (Day 4) the fleet left shore at 1000 with the wind at 18-25. During the first race the wind built into the 20's and by the second race the wind was more like 22-28. After the second race the RC hoisted AP over H and sent the sailors ashore. The wind continued to increase and topped in the upper 20's with solid gusts into the 30's.

Today the wind started the same as yesterday but never really built much. The RC completely exhausted the sailors with four long races in 18-25. They have now cumpleted 11 races in total. Benjamin Grez from Chile (CHI) leads by one point over Tsibookulis of Greece (GRE) who put in the amazing performance of a 1-1-2-3 today.

Team USA is now led be Pearson Potts in 55th followed by Morgan Kiss in 68th, LISOT's Marlena Fauer in 85th, Matt Wefer (LISOT) in 85th and Axel Sly in 186th.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing and the RC hopes to complete 3 races. The wind is predicted to be much lighter.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Optimist Nationals Summary

LISOT sailors took home a lot of silver at this year's USODA Nationals, across all fleets. LISOT had 4 finishes in the top 10, and 9 of the top 20 girls.

The event saw 281 compete in the championship fleet and 39 in green fleet. It was a light air 4 race series which ended up being sailed all on one day due to lack of wind.

Our sailors showed tremendous patience on the 3 no-wind days, as well as during the single, long day of light to moderate breeze in very shifty lake conditions.

Thanks to all the parents who helped with a tremendous amount of supplies for the largest LISOT attended Nationals ever - 44 sailors in the Championship fleet and 1 green fleeter. With temps in the low 90s, no wind and high humidity, the team went through water, ice and fruit faster than you can say Walleye.

Head coach Eric Storck and our coaching team of Manny Resano, Dennis Paaske and Kaity Storck did an great job keeping the kids focused and motivated on the race course, as well as during the many windless hours of waiting. The Frisbee and card games, and swimming in warm, fresh-water Lake Minnetonka helped pass the time and keep everyone

We also received a kudos from USODA for the many LISOT parents who volunteered to man race committee positions throughout the week, serving on the signal, pin and finish boats, as well as handling scoring.

Congratulations to Team X's Ian Stokes who won the regatta with finishes of 1,4,3,8 for 16 total points.  Results are at: www.2007optinationals.com

Top 20 LISOT finishers in each division are:

5. Declan Whitmyer
7. Andrew Mollerus
9. Antoine Screve
10. Evan Read
13. Holly Tullo

Red Fleet
4. Declan
5. Andrew
7. Antoine
8. Evan
14. Olivia Crane
17. Laura Wefer

Blue Fleet
4. Holly
14. Gary Prieto
15. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick
17. Katie Kelly
18. Lily Katz

White Fleet
2. Drew Gallagher
4. Adele Whitmyer

Top 20 Girls
1. Holly
2. Olivia
4. Laura
6. Deirdre Lambert
11. Sarah Williams
13. Megan
15. Lily
16. Katie
19. Tracy Doherty

Congratulations to all who traveled to Lake Minnetonka. We'll see many
of you soon in Newport for the New England's (which has over 350
registered, including over 50 from LISOT, as of 7/27/07).

IODA World Championship - Day 3 and Team Racing Day

Day 3 (July 27) of the IODA World Championship in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy brought the traditional SE winds. Although it look a little while to build adequately the wind finally built to 8-10 mph. The fleet had one good race (to make a total of 5 completed) before the wind started to die. Race 6 was started but the time limit to round the windward mark expired (30 minutes) and the race was called back. Unfortunately the RC was unable to run another race on this day. The five completed races did allow the RC to calculate the team standings and plan on running the IODA Challenge Cup on Saturday, July 28.
Team USA made a nice showing in race 5 with 3 sailors finishing in the top 10 and another in the top 20.
After 5 races Chris Steele from NZL continues to lead with only 30 points. Team USA is led by Marlena Fauer in 25th followed by Matthew Wefer in 90th, Morgan Kiss in 97th, Axel Sly in 116th, and Pearson Potts in 138th. With the next race, scheduled for Monday, July 30, one race will be discarded.
Unfortunately, Team USA scored 18th in the team scoring after the first five races. The top 16 teams qualify for the IODA Challenge Cup (team racing). Today, the day scheduled for this event, the wind started from the NW at 10-15 and built to 20-25 by the end. A complete series was run and Greece (GRE) took the team racing championship with a 2-1 victory over Sinapore (SIN) in the finals. Ecuador was third.
Tomorrow is a lay day and the RC has moved the start time for Monday up to 11 AM (local time) to hopefully permit running four races.
Complete results can be found at www.optiworld.org and the new event website at www.sailingsardinia.it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IODA World Championship - 7/25/07

The IODA World Championship got started today in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy for the 256 competitors from 56 countries. The Race Committee got the first race off promptly at 1400 hours in the famed "Mistral" wind out of the NW at 16-25 mph. The race course took about 50 minutes to complete. After a short break the six divisions were started again as the wind built to be 20-28 mph. The fleet handled the tough conditions beautifully and again completed the race in about 50 minutes.
The standout performance of the two races came from Germany's (GER) Julian Autenrieth who had two firsts. Pierre Quiroga from France (FRA) had a first and a second and Ruggero Tita from Italy (ITA) had a third and a first. The USA sailors found the competition to be expectedly keen. LISOT's Marlena Fauer is the top US sailor in 47th. Morgan Kiss from MI is 67th, Matthew Wefer (LISOT) is 105th, Pearson Potts (NY) is 149th and Axel Sly (FL) is 192nd. All are looking forward to tomorrow's scheduled three races.
Complete results can be found at www.optiworld.org

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IODA World Championship - 7/24/07

Today was the Practice Race. The day started as our other days have with the wind light from the S/SE. The Race Committee knew better though. They heard that the Mistral was in the north of Sardinia so it was just a matter of time. At about 2:30 PM the Mistral arrived in a big way! Instantly the wind shifted to the NW at 20-25. The RC clocked gusts to 30. The marks got moved and the practice race started. As usual some sailors took it as such a joke as to start in the wrong start or start early by 30 seconds. The US team took the opportunity to enjoy the big wind and waves and get a hour plus of good practice.
Coach Scott Norman has the US team focused and everyone is excited to have racing start tomorrow. The Mistral is likely to last into tomorrow although without quite as much strength.
At the Team Leaders meeting today the Race Organizers did explain that the event website was currently dead and that news of the regatta will be covered on the IODA website at www.optiworld.org .

IODA World Championship - 7/23/07

The US Team arrived in Sardinia, Italy in bits (Mand pieces between July 20 & 21 and now finally we have all our luggage. The sailors have been practicing in the heat and light (to moderate) winds each day. Last night (Monday) was the Opening Ceremonies. This 2007 World Championship features 56 countries and 256 competitors. The number of sailors is a record as apparently more and more countries are sending their maximum number allowed - five (5). The record number of countries was set in 2000 when entry for many countries was sponsored by IODA.

The US Team (Morgan Kiss, Pearson Potts, Matthew Wefer, Marlena Fauer, & Axel Sly) seems extremely well focused and should be well positioned to excel here. The fleet will be extremely competitive but the US has a nice combination of experience and speed.

Today is the practice race and tomorrow starts the real deal. Fleet racing runs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Team Racing planned for Saturday.

Unfortunately there appears to be no actual event website. Further information can be found at the IODA website at www.optiworld.org. The yacht club here, Yacht Club Cagliari, has a website at http://www.yachtclub-cagliari.com/default_e.html.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Larchmont Race Week Opti Day - July 19

A late report, but LISOT sailors won every division in a windy version of this venerable event yesterday.

Drew Gallagher won white/white, Patrick Shanahan was 2.

Adele won white/yellow, Alex Delbello was 3.

Reiner EvD won blue/green, Spencer McDonough was 3, and Ian Crane 4.

Katie Kelley won blue/purple (in a tiebreaker) with Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick who was 2 , and Dan Delbello 6.

Matt Mollerus won blue/blue.

Declan won red and overall, Andrew Mollerus was 2, Marcus Edegran 3, Olivia Crane 4, and Elliott Morrill 6.

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Monday, July 16, 2007


All Opti North American OptiNAm 2007 Puerto Vallarta Mexico pictures
now posted at:


please forward this to rest of NA team and sponsors.

Best wishes,

Jon Fauer

Sunday, July 15, 2007

IODA North Americans - Final Results

The final day of racing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico provided two races to make a total of 12 races for the series and a second throwout. Antoine Screve once again came on strong at the end to finish 3rd overall. This is a huge improvement for the USA over last year when USA had one sailor in the first 15 and only 3 in the first 25. The highlights are:

1. Raul Rios (PUR) - 38
2. James Anfossi (BER) - 50
3. Antoine Screve (USA) - 59
Other USA notables in the first fifteen:
8. Axel Sly
9. Alex Jacob
14. Mac Agnese
19. Marlena Fauer
20. Declan Whitmyer
21. Evan Read
64. Matt Wefer
83. Laura Wefer
119. Olivia Crane

Regatta website: http://www.optinam2007-mexico.org/Optinam2007/

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jon Fauer Report from Mex

Sorry for pathetic optiNAms reporting...struggling to keep cameras running...

Team racing USA 2 team: dec twon mac george kutch and alec who put in a great performance but were pushed out by Argentina.

Team rac USA 1 (world team) matt marli morgan axel pearson went to final head to head against PUR (who won at SA in Rio ). in very close races just missed in final best of 3: 2-1.

Team race followed fleet race and went to 8:20 last nite


IODA European Championship

LISOT sailor Deirdre Lambert is one of four sailors representing the USA at the IODA European Championship in Greece, July 10-18. The event website (http://www.optieuro2007.gr/) reports there was big breeze (20-25 mph) on day 2 and mark by mark reporting for day 3 says there is still big breeze (25 mph).

After 7 races (posted) Deirdre currently stands 9th. Also representing the USA are Michael Popp (57th), Scott D'Allessandro (68th), and Chris Williford (99th).

The European Championship is unique in that it is the only major IODA event where boys and girls race separately. This has been the case for 20 years.

IODA North Americans - Making Progress

Although the information from Mexico is less than overwhelming the North Americans website reports that the second to last day of sailing was a blessing to the entire fleet. The RC managed three fleet races and also had time to finish the team racing.

The standout for the day was James Anfossi from Bermuda (BER) with a 4-1-1 but LISOT's Evan Read wasn't far behind with a 3-4-2. This moved James up to second overalll and Evan to 15th. Meanwhile other LISOT sailors are have some good performances - Antione Screve is 5th, Declan Whitmyer 17th and Marlena Fauer is 24th (4th girl).

A further highlight of the day was the team racing. Although the exact composition of the teams is unknown by this author (DPW) it is known that LISOT sailors Antoine, Declan, Marlena and Matt Wefer were all part of the two USA team racing teams. USA 1 lost only one race to PUR 1 (Puerto Rico) on their way to the finals while USA 2 won three races to finish in the 6/7/8 slot. In the finals USA 1 lost to PUR 1 2-1. Super job!

Saturday is the last day of racing. Two races are scheduled. If the second race is sailed there will be a second drop. The regatta leader Raul Rios (PUR) is sailing quite flawlessly but will have to hold off James Anfossi if there is a second drop.

The sailors head home tomorrow.

Regatta website: http://www.optinam2007-mexico.org/Optinam2007/

Thursday, July 12, 2007

LISOT Enjoys Niantic Hospitality

Lisot's Niantic host's the Peck family, hosted a terrific dinner party for the Lisot gang on Wednesday night.

26 Sailors stayed on for practice after the Jr. Olympics Tuesday (won by Charlie Peck!). The day started with serious fog, so on with the running shoes, sergeant Mannie continued with a hart to hart discussion on motivation, focus and attitude! The fog lifted and in light conditions they
were able to train till 1600.

The dinner at the Peck's was great, the kids played soccer, volleyball, listened to Charlie playing the electric guitar, including "Freebird". - Roger van Loveren

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

North Americans in Mexico - Day 3

Early this morning results from Day 2 were finally posted. On Day 1 there was no racing due to a lack of wind. On Day 2 there were 4 races it appears in a range of conditions - wind and waves. Today, Wednesday, Day 3, there were 3 races but results have not been posted yet.
Tomorrow is Team Racing Day.
Check out Jon Fauer's great pictures of Day 2 at:

Monday, July 9, 2007

IODA North Americans-Day 1

There was no racing in Mexico today. The RC tried to get races started but the wind didn't cooperate. Stay tuned.

IODA North Americans Opening Ceremony

Latest Openening ceremony optiNAm pictures on website;
http://picasaweb.google.com/fdtimes - Jon Fauer

Saturday, July 7, 2007

OptiNAms pictures

First set of pictures from Opti North Americans in Puerto Vallarta
Mexico now uploaded at:

Please forward to team families

You can download full resolution copies of the pictures from the

Jon Fauer

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Finale set of Marstrand Pictures posted

All the Marstrand Sweden pictures are now up at http://picasaweb.google.com/fdtimes
including latest upload of last days.

Jon Fauer