Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lisot Invades Swedish West Coast

Declan and Antoine have arrived early enough to participate in today's Groto--Kalvsund--Runt, a figure eight race around the islands of Groto and Kalvsund. The race starts off the island of Bjorko, and the course twice crosses the path of the very large 5 lane car ferry from the mainland to Hono.

SSF a small sailing club on Bjorko are the organisers. SSF is well as it lies on the southern rock tip of Bjorko and claims as its harbor an 8-20 or so foot wide channel which extends a few hundred feet and is home to a fleet of varnished Folksboats--no Aluminum spars on these. The Optis delight in cutting through this channel on their way to the starting line, and then again on their way home.

Following one general recall, the fleet of 34 optis was off with 4 boats ocs. The race lasted 2 solid hours. Eight knots breeze and about 80 deg air, water 66 or so--very big temperature and low wind numbers for Sweden.

A group of 5 slowly drew away from the pack with Dec 1 and Ant 2 at the first several turning points. Declan's lead quickly diminished and he was eventually overtaken by Ant, when the four trailing boats got into a favorable downwind current right along the shore on the back side of Groto. Dec made his way in closer to shore and managed to keep 2 charging members of the SWE wlorld team and 1 cvharging member of the NOR world team behind him.

On the beat up the front side of Groto, the Swedes (Oskar Lundquist, and Gustav Larsson) finally got by Simon Kjellstrand into 3, 4. Then beating on the back side of Kalvsund, Dec went into shore to get out of current but it turned out that the extra distance cost him and Oskar who went out away from the island got by him into 2. They finished in that order, the group of 5 within talking distance after 2 hours, but stretching well out the on the pack.

Off to the amusement park, Liseberg, tomorrow.

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