Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hjuvik Wednesday Night Race

Ockero clinic sailors joined the regular Wednesday evening races last night at Hjuvik Boat Club (HjBK). Hjuvik is about a 1 hour sail around two islands adjacent Ockero. After an early dinner, all sailors set out at about 5 PM for Hjuvik.

Two races were run on a modified Olympic course in about 12 knots of breeze. Temps are back into the normal range, with highs in the 60s which gave the breeze some punch. The first start was for Lasers and Europes, the second start for Optis. About 40 Optis joined the racing--all the clinic sailors and a few other locals.

Lisot finished 1,2,3 in the first race with Declan 1st and Dierdre/Marlena essentially tied for 2d.

In the second race, Declan was again first to finish but the rumor is that Sarah forced him over early. No results have been posted, but all had fun and having seen them up close most want to try a Europe dinghy.

Racing did not finish until after 8 PM and with rain threatening and the temp dropping, the sailors skipped awards on shore, and set out for home. They arrived after 9 PM as the trip home was a bit of a beat.

Shortly after they arrived, the sun broke out below the cloud cover and gave us a nice light show for the last hour of its appearance this day. It rises again about 4 AM tomorrow.

All complained about being cold and ran for a warm shower, but of course none of them had worn dry suits. After showers, it was off to the daily 10 PM 'snack' of warm open-face ham and cheese on Hono bread, speciality of a nearby island.

After the front passes, clearing and big wind are expected tomorrow, maybe 30 knots, so all sailors lashed there sails down--well okay some did it themselves but others had to be prodded by Staffan. The plan is to take the morning off, sail in the afternoon, and perhaps go-kart in the evening.

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