Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hjuvik Team Race Day 2

Last evening's soccer match was fun for everyone. In two 20 minute periods, the US and Ireland defeated Sweden 3-0 (Hannah Morril scored a nice goal against Declan who defected). Afterwards, the club organized a lovely barbecue--we blamed the Irish for the rain.

The format has been slightly altered for today. Groups A and B with both sail double round robins, follwed by multi-race semis and finals.

In first race of group A, Dec killed Hjuvik 2. Trapped them at wm to spring other 3 ahead, then trapped them at jibe mark for another 30 second and drew several penalties while lead grew, race over. Lots of no calls in messy roundings between den and kul. Don't know who won that.

In race 2 v Kullavik, they were 2,3,4 at wm, got balled up at jibe mark, then made many dozens of tacks on last beat. Finish was too close to call from shore.

Lisot 1 lost to DEN. A bad no-call at leeward mark and dying breeze killed them. If the judge does not recognize a mark trap and gives a no call when boats force in, it is trouble for our guys.

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