Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Sweden Pix

About 1000 pictures of LISOT and GLISOT in spectacular Sweden and more uploading tonite at

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Semi finals

With a 2-1 record, Lisot 2 was in a three-way tie for the final spot in semifinals, but missed the spot on a third level tie breaker.

In dying breeze, format has been changed again to a single race for semis and finals. I am at airport but reports from staffan and jon fauer indicate Lisot 1 was 2,3,4,6 at wm and 1,2,4,5 after traps and danish penalties at leeward mark.

No report on how it ocurred this time, but lisot 1 managed to lose on the last beat (for the second time in two consecutive races to Denmark). Will now face Stenungsund in one race petit final for 3d place.

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Group B round

Lisot 2 defeated Ireland 1,2,3 in first race. They are leading Hjuvik 1 in Race 2 at WM with unstable combination of 1, 2, 4, 7. In a close finish, Lisot 2 won its second race and now is one win away from the semi-finals, where they would face Kullavik.

Sun is out now, temp rising and breeze a bit light and fluky. Second round robin has been cancelled. Semis are next up.

On points, Lisot 1 is 3d in group A and will have a chance to avenge their earlier loss to Denmark in the other semi-final.

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Hjuvik Team Race Day 2

Last evening's soccer match was fun for everyone. In two 20 minute periods, the US and Ireland defeated Sweden 3-0 (Hannah Morril scored a nice goal against Declan who defected). Afterwards, the club organized a lovely barbecue--we blamed the Irish for the rain.

The format has been slightly altered for today. Groups A and B with both sail double round robins, follwed by multi-race semis and finals.

In first race of group A, Dec killed Hjuvik 2. Trapped them at wm to spring other 3 ahead, then trapped them at jibe mark for another 30 second and drew several penalties while lead grew, race over. Lots of no calls in messy roundings between den and kul. Don't know who won that.

In race 2 v Kullavik, they were 2,3,4 at wm, got balled up at jibe mark, then made many dozens of tacks on last beat. Finish was too close to call from shore.

Lisot 1 lost to DEN. A bad no-call at leeward mark and dying breeze killed them. If the judge does not recognize a mark trap and gives a no call when boats force in, it is trouble for our guys.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

End of day 1

After complete round: Hjuvik 2 is first, Lisot 1 second, Denmark world third, Kullavik fourth.

Lisot 1 lost to Hjuvik 2 in their last race today. Lisot 1 had put them in 7, 8 with a good mark trap at leeward mark, but failed to cover on last beat and sailed headed tack. Hjuvik ended 1,2,4,7.

Lisot 2 ended day 7th, and know that winner of B group makes semi-finals.

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Rounds 2 and 3

Lisot 2 now in action. Looked nervous in their first race and lost a close match to Hjuvik 2. More aggressive in their second match and almost knocked off the Danish world team--very close. All over the Irish world team to win match 3. Lost to Hjuvik 1 after leading into last beat.

After 3 rounds, Denmark leads with four wins. Hjuvik 2, Lisot 1 and Kullavik each have three wins.

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Hjuvik team race

Overcast, low 60s, flat water, 10-12 knots breeze. Parents can see all from benches atop rocks on shore. Entry fee of about $100 includes boats, sails and all meals all weekend for sailors--starting with Friday night dinner.

Format is interesting. After a full round robin, teams split into 2 groups. Top 3 in group A and top 1 in group B(!) move on to best 3/5 seeded semifinals, and finals.

Lisot 2 has a bye in first round this morning. Lisot 1 has just finished first two races. They beat Stengsunds 1,2,3,4. After tense moments, and some no calls on good mark traps by Lisot 1, they used speed to beat Kullavik 1,2,3. Kullavik has two world and two euro sailors. Hjuvik 1 and Danish world team are the other favorites.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hjuvik Wednesday Night Race

Ockero clinic sailors joined the regular Wednesday evening races last night at Hjuvik Boat Club (HjBK). Hjuvik is about a 1 hour sail around two islands adjacent Ockero. After an early dinner, all sailors set out at about 5 PM for Hjuvik.

Two races were run on a modified Olympic course in about 12 knots of breeze. Temps are back into the normal range, with highs in the 60s which gave the breeze some punch. The first start was for Lasers and Europes, the second start for Optis. About 40 Optis joined the racing--all the clinic sailors and a few other locals.

Lisot finished 1,2,3 in the first race with Declan 1st and Dierdre/Marlena essentially tied for 2d.

In the second race, Declan was again first to finish but the rumor is that Sarah forced him over early. No results have been posted, but all had fun and having seen them up close most want to try a Europe dinghy.

Racing did not finish until after 8 PM and with rain threatening and the temp dropping, the sailors skipped awards on shore, and set out for home. They arrived after 9 PM as the trip home was a bit of a beat.

Shortly after they arrived, the sun broke out below the cloud cover and gave us a nice light show for the last hour of its appearance this day. It rises again about 4 AM tomorrow.

All complained about being cold and ran for a warm shower, but of course none of them had worn dry suits. After showers, it was off to the daily 10 PM 'snack' of warm open-face ham and cheese on Hono bread, speciality of a nearby island.

After the front passes, clearing and big wind are expected tomorrow, maybe 30 knots, so all sailors lashed there sails down--well okay some did it themselves but others had to be prodded by Staffan. The plan is to take the morning off, sail in the afternoon, and perhaps go-kart in the evening.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Photos From Newport Opti Challenge

Photos by Bill Crane and Michael Rudnick have been posted at
The Yahoo ID is - newportchallenge07

The password is - jenskarl

Enjoy. - Bill & Michael

Saturday, June 9, 2007

LISOT Sailors Enjoy Three Guns In Newport

LISOT sailors Megan, Julia & Lily enjoyed Thames Street in Newport after the Race Committee signaled the day was canceled with three guns!

Newport Opti Challenge - Saturday

The annual Opti Newport Challenge is usually cool and brisk. Today the temps were cool but there wasn't much wind. For the 31 LISOT sailors and 93 total participants there was just a little rain, nearby thunderstorms and no sailing.
The rain held off mostly but looming thunderstorms to the west of Newport caused the Race Committee (RC) to postpone launching only to have the thunderstorms never arrive. Neither did the wind or clearing skies.
At 3 PM the RC sent the sailors home for the night and signalled an early start on Sunday - a 9 AM harbor start.

Lisot Invades Swedish West Coast

Declan and Antoine have arrived early enough to participate in today's Groto--Kalvsund--Runt, a figure eight race around the islands of Groto and Kalvsund. The race starts off the island of Bjorko, and the course twice crosses the path of the very large 5 lane car ferry from the mainland to Hono.

SSF a small sailing club on Bjorko are the organisers. SSF is well as it lies on the southern rock tip of Bjorko and claims as its harbor an 8-20 or so foot wide channel which extends a few hundred feet and is home to a fleet of varnished Folksboats--no Aluminum spars on these. The Optis delight in cutting through this channel on their way to the starting line, and then again on their way home.

Following one general recall, the fleet of 34 optis was off with 4 boats ocs. The race lasted 2 solid hours. Eight knots breeze and about 80 deg air, water 66 or so--very big temperature and low wind numbers for Sweden.

A group of 5 slowly drew away from the pack with Dec 1 and Ant 2 at the first several turning points. Declan's lead quickly diminished and he was eventually overtaken by Ant, when the four trailing boats got into a favorable downwind current right along the shore on the back side of Groto. Dec made his way in closer to shore and managed to keep 2 charging members of the SWE wlorld team and 1 cvharging member of the NOR world team behind him.

On the beat up the front side of Groto, the Swedes (Oskar Lundquist, and Gustav Larsson) finally got by Simon Kjellstrand into 3, 4. Then beating on the back side of Kalvsund, Dec went into shore to get out of current but it turned out that the extra distance cost him and Oskar who went out away from the island got by him into 2. They finished in that order, the group of 5 within talking distance after 2 hours, but stretching well out the on the pack.

Off to the amusement park, Liseberg, tomorrow.

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