Saturday, May 5, 2007

Team Trials - Saturday Summary

It was a new day and with it brought new inconsistency at Team Trials in
Miami today. The fleet left the dock on schedule (9:30) with a strange
northeasterly wind seemingly a result of the early morning storm cells to
the west of Biscayne Bay. While the wind was light (5 knots) it did slowly
build but the course was tough to figure out. A little bit of current made
for far fewer OCS's today. In fact, significant line sag allowed observant
sailors a huge starting advantage.

Throughout the day the wind continued to build topping off at about 12-14 in
the fourth race. The Race Committee efficiently ran 5 more races (now 12
races have been sailed) and nearly killed the finish line committee. Each
start of 100 boats was finishing in just over 4 minutes! Finish line helpers
Annette Morrill, Karen Doherty and grill-meister Bob Read we totaling
exhausted after their day on the water.

Coaches Jens Kulstad, Manny Resano and Soren Laugeson all kept the LISOT
sailors focused and motivated. Although there were some lows to the day
(yellow flags and OCS's), many LISOT sailors scored top ten finishes.
Marlena Fauer, Melany Johnson, and Deirdre Lambert all scored bullets. How
about that girl power! Chris Schade, Matt Wefer and Declan Whitmyer each had
seconds while Andrew Mollerus, Evan Read and Markus Edegran all scored
thirds. Laura Wefer, Lily Katz and Tracy Doherty also scored in the top ten
with a fifth, sixth and ninth, respectively.

LISOT currently has at least 11 sailors in the range to qualify for the
summer International Teams but as many as three races will be sailed
tomorrow so the results are far from certain. Dock start is again at 9:30 so
we'll all hope for some more top ten finishes.

You can check out the complete results at

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