Friday, May 4, 2007

Team Trials - Friday Summary

Day 2 of Team Trials greeted the sailors with almost no wind in the morning. The RC postponed the dock start time to noon and then when the wind started up earlier than expected moved the dock start time to 11:30. The RC did a great job getting the races started on time and Race 4 began shortly after 12:30 PM. The breeze was light but building slowly from the East. As each race passed the wind continued to build until it reached about 12 mph and then for the fourth race of the day the breeze actually backed off to about 8-10. It took until 6 PM to get the four races finished.
The conditions were not quite as challenging as yesterday. They did  require you to pick a side of the course and sail there because the middle often seemed to have less wind. The challenge of the day was to start well without being over early (and therefore OCS). Most starts were started under the Black Flag but even when race 7 was started under the "I" flag there were many scored as OCS. In the four races today there were about 100 OCS's. While LISOT didn't have too many we had our share.
Tomorrow the dock start has again been moved back to 9:30 AM. The hope is for 4 or 5 races but it will take fresh wind to accomplish this. The prediction is for much of the same.
So far (after seven races) Morgan Kiss from Michigan leads with local Mac Agnese second and Pearson Potts third. LISOT's first five are Matt Wefer (7), Antoine Screve (11), Deirdre Lambert (16), Marlena Fauer (18), and Evan Read (19). The next throwout, at 12 races, will play a huge role in the scores so stay tuned!
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