Thursday, April 5, 2007

SA day 4

A weak cold front came through today. It looked like rain several times but they go for 6 months without rain so no one seem worried it would actually happen dn the band moved ahead to set up at he pool for the luau.

Two races today. The first in a cool, punchy southwesterly. Marlena (2), matt (2) and declan (5) all had good races and moved up in the overall classification. A long delay ensued rior to race 10 as the wind repeatedly dropped to zero then puffed up from a radically different direction. They ultimately got the races off but things were very dicey fom a direction and velocity standpoint.

After 10 races, provisional results put Marli 5, Twon 6, Matt 21, Axel 29, Declan 41, Mac 48.

The boys are now unapologetically calling John Lambert 'Lambo'. I think he is secretly revelling in his time with da boys. Fortunately he is clever enough to help the otherwie hapless boys thwart the girls' pranks. Two races and awards/closing tomorrow evening.

Last year the best American finisher was 44 (Chanel Miller) and there wer only two Americans in the top 50. This year there are 6 Americans in the top 50, and 4 of the top 5 Americans are LISOT sailors!

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