Monday, April 2, 2007

Rio Day 2--back to reality

Shrugging off the caipirinha, samba and rotisserie meat to bring you this report.

Race 2 started in a modest southwest breeze. Expecting the breeze to keep backing to the southeast, the US and Bermuda all charged left off the line. The South Americans dug right. A Brazilian won each flight in what was shaping up as essentially lake sailing. Writing the words southwest and southeast, I am reminded how disorienting it is to have the sun in the northern sky. The kids marvel at the counterclockwise flow of water down the sink.

In race 3 Bermuda dug right with the South Americans and most of our sailors went left looking for the sea breeze to continue to back as it had the previous day.

After race 3 I became convinced the best strategy was to sail the tack taking you into the middle of the bay. Every puff passed through the middle and with more velocity than along the shore. Going left or right did not seem to matter so much as staying in or sailing toward the middle of the bay.

Race 4 was more of the same.

It being nearly impossible to pry the kids away from the venue (even though the boys room is beginning to resemble a mold farm), we dragged our fearless team leader out last night against his will to an adult dinner at Porcao, a Brazilian style restaurant. It is aptly named since many parts of the the 'poor cow' get skewered and rotisseried. Endless skewered meat was on the menu. To our amusement we learned after an outstanding meal that the restaurant has an outlet on Park Avenue and the 20s in New York.

Current US overall results are

Marlena 14 (60 pts, 40 to drop)

Antoine 36 (80 pts, OCS to drop)

Axel Sly 40 (85 pts, 38 to drop)

Christian Locke 53 (94 pts, 40 to drop)

Matt 55 (94 pts, 32 to drop)

Dierdre 62 (98 pts, 32 to drop)

Mary Kate 63 (99 pts, 32 to drop)

Michael Z 67 (104 pts, 51 to drop)

Dodge 82 (118 pts, 46 to dro)

Jack 83 (119 pts, 51 to drop)

Declan 107 (136 pts, ocs to drop)

Gerard 136 (164 pts, ocs to drop)

Chris Williford 170 (197 pts, ocs to drop)

Ian 179 (210 pts, ocs to drop)

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