Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holland Final Report

The start of the last day of racing was delayed for a little while protests were sorted out. This was necessary because after the first 8 races the fleet was divided into thirds (Gold, Silver and Bronze). This concept allows each 1/3 of the fleet to race against each other for the final day rather than the hit or miss of what group you are paired with.

Conditions were much like the prior days with moderate breezes and warming temperatures. The RC kept the races in the 30-40 range but had to use the black flag at the start. Team USA had a great day with many top twenty finishes in the Gold fleet and Morgan Kiss even moved up to 2nd overall.

In all, it was a great trip for Team USA and the LISOT sailors. The conditions were spectacular, the hospitality wonderful, the friendships rewarding and the experience (lake sailing) worthwhile. Everyone should be so lucky as to get to attend this event in their sailing career.

Final Results:
1 Phil Sparks (GBR) 11
2 Morgan Kiss (USA) 33
3 Mikka Nikkilla (FIN) 51

LISOT Sailors:
31 Evan Read
40 Olivia Crane
43 Markus Edegran
81 Laura Wefer
23 Tracy Doherty
29 Lily Katz
38 Chris Price
46 Ian Storck

Full results and photos available at

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