Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Garda Final

The last day dawned much like the days earlier in the week. Cool and clear with some haze over the lake. One race to go and by noon the breeze had picked up to 18knots or so with chop and some shifts.

Nick Clemence and Erika Reineke both started way left near the pin and were able to stay above the fleet. They had a great last race with Erika finishing 5th and Nick 9th.

The overall results for the Americans
Mike Popp 40
Erika Reinke 44
Nick Clemence 47
Melaney Johnson 65 (LISOT)
Chris Schade 74 (LISOT)
Kav Stokes 145
Brady Stagg 148
Pat Jacobitti 177 (LISOT)
Ian Stokes 234
Maddie Bricker 237
Kayla Gibson 268
Will Romeo 279
Tiller Tillinghast 293 (LISOT)

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