Friday, March 30, 2007

What's up in Rio

This from Wes Whitmyer in Brazil.

It's hot. Sun is up early and down early. Shortly after 6 AM, the blazing sun rises and the temp quickly rises from high 70s to high 80s with lots of humidity and zero wind. Sailing is on a small secondary bay. Not much current and flat water (except when regular water taxi to rio passes, or one of the very large fish jumps--So many I'd be surprised if one does not end up in a boat) but sailing is very tricky. Sea breeze comes up after 12 and seems to die out when sun goes down just after 5 PM. Relatively short window for sailing. Sea breeze enters bay over and between a series of mountains (jungle covered rocks with a few favelas) which extend down to the shore. Localized puffs seem to come down the face with 2+ times the mean wind velocity. The puffs do not come from a reliable direction and varied through about 90 deg yesterday. Lots of auto tacks. First boat to first puff will likely be gone. Opening today at 11.30 followed by practice race.

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