Monday, March 26, 2007

JF - South Americans - 3/26/07

From Jon Fauer In Brazil -

Please forward to all

Windless morning hot around 95 like Leandro said.

12 noon 100 degrees F 1-,5 15 kts w turquoise blue bay flecked with sparkles

This is one of best equipped clubs I've seen. Like a 4 star resort w
sailing. Most impressive is the air compressor station to fill air bags.
5 of best tennis courts in rio. Pool as big as biltmore. Internet room for
kids w 30+ computers.

Nice Rooms for kids at club. Far cryfrom el Tuque.

There is an on-site store-chandlery with everything: line bungee bailers
gloves parts duct tape airbags and high end clothing.

Update: in addition to bow line bring short line to run it thru at bow.
Also some boats do have hiking strap bungees, but bungee and line is
plentiful and cheap at store in club

Thet received email w IDs and are printing them today.
when you arrive at club, you will IDs. Ask for Bruno - he has them. We had
to show our passports and you might too.

The I'd has barcode on it. That's how you charge food drinks etc. You pay
total end of day at cashier by pool

Arrivals: look for someone in International arrivals hall just as you leave
customs with an OPTI S America and maybe USA sign

Any major problems email or text me: 1-917-664-4226. I'll be waiting at

Health: it's cleaner here than most places in US and food is great.
Exotic fruits are fresh and plentiful. There's a nurse's first aid station
but you have more chance of needing Pepto Bismol in New York than here. Only
thing to remember is suntan lotion lots of hydration and think hot Miami
type weather except its a much prettier view

From the club will be the 2nd most beautiful sunsets in world

More to follow

Jon Fauer
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