Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coverage Online - 2007 Optimist South Americans

This from the Commodore Luis Fernando Santos -

If you can not come to Niteroi to the Optimist South American Championship,
we have a good surprise to you: all the races will be transmitted , LIVE, by
Internet. We will also make live interviews with the participants (it is a
good opportunity to see your son or daughter).

To see everything, you just need to go to the championship site
( or directly to .
All programs will be also recorded, so you can see them (or see again
your favorite one) in the same Internet sites at any time.
Our time zone is +3 hours. The regatta scheduled will be found in the
championship site.
For you who comes to Niteroi, all the races could be see live in the
Clube Naval Charitas television system.
The Clube Naval Charitas made the first transmission in the world by
Internet of a sailing event , when we transmitted the Brazilian Optimist
Championship, in January 2005.
We hope you enjoy the Optimist South American Championship.

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