Saturday, March 31, 2007

Harken pens save the day and--at last--Race 1

Day one of the regatta and of course no wind after days of 10+ knot sea breezes.

During the shore delay Jorge Agnese happened to be in the boys room which was getting its daily cleaning and linen replacement. Upon reaching the door to leave, the maid called out to him in Portugese. He turned to address her as she emerged from the bathroom. Between the fingertips of her outstretched hand was one of the pens Harken was kind enough to send to the team. The pen had brown goo smeared all over it, and the maid had a look of horror in her eyes and the fingers of her other hand clamped firmly over her nose.

Apparently she has never seen peanut butter. Thanks Harken for an essential regatta tool! Luckily we have enough pens to make sandwiches the next 7 regatta days!

Late in the afternoon enough sea breeze came up for a single light air race. Team USA had a great showing, and so did Team LISOT. At the weather mark in Race 1A, Dierdre was 12, and Marlena 14. They finished 13 and 5 respectively. Sam Stan was 12 and all 3 should move up one place as a GRE boat ahead of Marlena picked up a measurement penalty.

At the weather mark in Race 1B, Antoine was 1, Michael Z was 9. Antoine won, Dodge Rees was 2, and Z moved up to 5 at the finish. Chris Williford was 3(ocs), but it was looking like 4 US boats in the top5!

Race 1C, Declan led all around the course until the last few feet when he was 'pipped' by SIN. Christian Locke was 6 at the weather mark and finished 4. Matt was 7 at the weather mark and finished 11.

Even though there is lots of racing yet to go, this is a big improvement over last year when the US team was happy to have any boat in the top 30. LISOT should be particularly proud to have all 5 of its sailors in the top 12. Leandro deserves lots of credit for keeping everyone loose and helping them analyze the venue.

Four races are planned for tomorrow.

SA's - Day 1 Results Posted

Only 1 race today - Good LISOT results - 4 1/2 hours waiting for wind.
Flight 1 - Marlena 5th, Deirdre 13th
Flight 2 - Antoine 1st
Flight 3 - Declan 2nd, Matt 11th

Full results -

SA's - First Day Over

At the event website ( the yellow vertical band in the middle has a short summary of events through the day.

LISOT Sailors in Rio de Janeiro

LISOT sailors pose after the Opening Ceremonies of the 2007 IODA South American Championship

SA's - Unbelievable Rio...

This picture was taken from the hill behind the club! Unbelievable!


Friday, March 30, 2007

What's up in Rio

This from Wes Whitmyer in Brazil.

It's hot. Sun is up early and down early. Shortly after 6 AM, the blazing sun rises and the temp quickly rises from high 70s to high 80s with lots of humidity and zero wind. Sailing is on a small secondary bay. Not much current and flat water (except when regular water taxi to rio passes, or one of the very large fish jumps--So many I'd be surprised if one does not end up in a boat) but sailing is very tricky. Sea breeze comes up after 12 and seems to die out when sun goes down just after 5 PM. Relatively short window for sailing. Sea breeze enters bay over and between a series of mountains (jungle covered rocks with a few favelas) which extend down to the shore. Localized puffs seem to come down the face with 2+ times the mean wind velocity. The puffs do not come from a reliable direction and varied through about 90 deg yesterday. Lots of auto tacks. First boat to first puff will likely be gone. Opening today at 11.30 followed by practice race.

Monday, March 26, 2007

JF - South Americans - 3/26/07

From Jon Fauer In Brazil -

Please forward to all

Windless morning hot around 95 like Leandro said.

12 noon 100 degrees F 1-,5 15 kts w turquoise blue bay flecked with sparkles

This is one of best equipped clubs I've seen. Like a 4 star resort w
sailing. Most impressive is the air compressor station to fill air bags.
5 of best tennis courts in rio. Pool as big as biltmore. Internet room for
kids w 30+ computers.

Nice Rooms for kids at club. Far cryfrom el Tuque.

There is an on-site store-chandlery with everything: line bungee bailers
gloves parts duct tape airbags and high end clothing.

Update: in addition to bow line bring short line to run it thru at bow.
Also some boats do have hiking strap bungees, but bungee and line is
plentiful and cheap at store in club

Thet received email w IDs and are printing them today.
when you arrive at club, you will IDs. Ask for Bruno - he has them. We had
to show our passports and you might too.

The I'd has barcode on it. That's how you charge food drinks etc. You pay
total end of day at cashier by pool

Arrivals: look for someone in International arrivals hall just as you leave
customs with an OPTI S America and maybe USA sign

Any major problems email or text me: 1-917-664-4226. I'll be waiting at

Health: it's cleaner here than most places in US and food is great.
Exotic fruits are fresh and plentiful. There's a nurse's first aid station
but you have more chance of needing Pepto Bismol in New York than here. Only
thing to remember is suntan lotion lots of hydration and think hot Miami
type weather except its a much prettier view

From the club will be the 2nd most beautiful sunsets in world

More to follow

Jon Fauer
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Lake Garda Optimist Meeting Website

March 24/25 Summary - A Great Practice Weekend

LISOT had a great weekend of practice this weekend. Jens and Carl presided
over warmer temperatures and moderate north breezes on Manhasset Bay. 16
sailors on Saturday and 18 sailors on Sunday. Many thanks to Bob Read and
Manhasset Bay Yacht Club for their hospitality. Thank you Karen Doherty for
doing collections.

This week 14 LISOT sailors are off to Spring International events in Brazil,
Holland and Italy. Check back for news of how our sailors are doing. I'll
even give you the links to the Holland webcam and South American
Championships internet coverage.

Next weekend's practice (advanced) is at Stamford YC. Annette Morrill is in
charge Jens or Carl will be coaching.

2007 Holland Easter Regatta Website

Coverage Online - 2007 Optimist South Americans

This from the Commodore Luis Fernando Santos -

If you can not come to Niteroi to the Optimist South American Championship,
we have a good surprise to you: all the races will be transmitted , LIVE, by
Internet. We will also make live interviews with the participants (it is a
good opportunity to see your son or daughter).

To see everything, you just need to go to the championship site
( or directly to .
All programs will be also recorded, so you can see them (or see again
your favorite one) in the same Internet sites at any time.
Our time zone is +3 hours. The regatta scheduled will be found in the
championship site.
For you who comes to Niteroi, all the races could be see live in the
Clube Naval Charitas television system.
The Clube Naval Charitas made the first transmission in the world by
Internet of a sailing event , when we transmitted the Brazilian Optimist
Championship, in January 2005.
We hope you enjoy the Optimist South American Championship.